Nice And Easy Nail Art For Beginners

    The simple design nails drawing fine lines in three basic colors of the same or different modern white, blue, yellow, orange, pink, fuchsia, green, brown or red. You can begin to draw from a common point. Then you can add points to the top of the nail or just the tip of the fingers or draw small circles. To continue from there, you can begin to draw beautiful flowers of your choice. Draw a small white dot in the center of the nail and five or six petals in the shape of an ellipse around this point. You can then add small lines, from the center of the flower and continue until the end of flower petals. Simple nail art for beginners are also animal models, such as the zebra pattern.

    Use nails painted white and black, nail polish or acrylic and a little wavy horizontal lines on top of the nail. Another great design and easy for beginners too butterfly nail art French manicure painted nails or the sun. You can paint half of the nail with a shiny, with a tone of normal nail polish. You can also paint three wavy lines and apply a small rhinestone in the center of the space created by these lines. There are many other nail art simple for beginners, you can create with a little imagination and enthusiasm.
    There are hundreds of simple nail art designs for beginners, who look as beautiful as any other art designs more complex and detailed in nail. If you have just decided to do the first draft of nail art, and you are looking for images of this article, and China Glaze nail polish site will give you advice on how to operate a nail design simple yet versatile, colorful and beautiful. You can start making plans, you must prepare your nails and cuticles, shaping and cutting correctly. So try some of the qualities of the masses or the shades of nail polish at your local store. Apply one coat of this primer or paint, let dry and then apply colors or acrylic nail polish.

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