How Body Painting - Body Painting Ideas Top 10

     Body Painting is an art that can express all that Bold, Rare paintings, rare, the body of Coy and sexy dress. You can choose to paint the naked body or just the face. Nu is bold, but for those who want to keep your clothes, face painting can be very creative.

    Want to try the Body Painting, this is the top 10 ideas for Body Painting.

    1. Paint your clothes. A skirt, a dress, underwear or a football shirt is a little paint.

    2. Animal prints have always been all over the clothes or accessories and even body painting. Not a cat, leopard, white tiger, or other jungle animals, and to express the wild instincts.

    3. Be your favorite character - Paint your face, or poison ivy red hair cat hair, or the whole body to go with the body painting inspired siren.

    4. Egyptian times - how many of you envy the design of body painting in The Mummy Returns in "Anaksunamun," the Egyptian woman. A mixture of Egyptian women like gold and black paint their faces and their bodies with paint and body in shape, can also be an Egyptian.

    5. Henna is based on body painting - most of the paintings, tattoos last only a few hours, but the henna takes a slow fade in time to days. Henna Body Painting used to make underwear can be very attractive. The only thing to be aware that although it may be a natural product, some people may be allergic to it.

     Body painting is not permanent like a tattoo, because it can be easily washed with water. Paint your shoulders, thighs and back can be very sexy and modest.

    Many women prefer to go naked body painting, which is also very sexy, but you should think carefully, because it can take hours to paint your body perfectly. The paints used in painting the body are not non-toxic and allergenic. Body paint is not just nude body painting or face, but is an expression of art.

    6. Being part of nature - Use military camouflage jungle or snake skin. You could also try to make you part of the design of a sculpture or a painting by the way. Lots of artifacts used in body painting, face painting or a part of their work to increase. Moreover, we know how to make complaints to various reasons.

    7. Gold Body Painting - Talking about the search for absolute refinement, and you can get yourself painted in gold, silver, copper color. Think of the Real, these colors are absolute favorites.

    8. Liquid latex body - very convincing as the clothes. The name itself tells you that he has made of latex and can achieve the look of the clothes. A word of caution, check with a patch test for allergies. Enjoy some moisturizer and treating a conception of the body of Superman, Batman, Robin or cat-woman.

    9. Swimsuit Body Painting - The only way that nobody discusses body painting. Appears in Sports Illustrated, which really shows how a model can see himself absolutely beautiful, with a "body painting" swimsuit. Choose your style bathing suit and paint.

    10th Art Hand - You do not really need all your body or face paint rather than settle for a single hand-painting. Describing animals, faces, using a fully manual signs or logos with one finger only.

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