Look what I found!  Etsy designers, vetrans as well as newcomers never cease to amaze.  Relatively new to this happening site, Kitty Andrews designs reflect her years spent in Japan as well as love of pin-up, punk couture and costume.  The best thing about Kitty's creations is, she only uses top-notch fabrics and materials and each piece is hand-crafted.
    The powder puff pouf shown here would be the perfect statement for the bride wanting to add some cutting edge chic with a little vintage thrown in.Source URL:
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    Linen/silk chiffon and Chantilly lace cap-sleeved dress with full crinoline petticoat. Ecru silk headband with ivory silk dupioni handrolled rose has a pink jewel button in the center

    Embroidered ivory lace organza fascinator with gathered mini pouf. Edge of hat is bordered in Venise lace trimmed with pearls.

    The Chanel Look spanned several eras of changing fashion. Her most notable signatures are close fitting cloche style hats, halters, separates, jerseys and strands of many different pearl necklaces all worn at once. Pictured here is a Chantilly lace halter paired up with a long shantung skirt with a sweep train. The sizel hat is a combo cloche and picture hat so evocative of Chanel's time.  A Shantung Bow with netting lends a great 1940s feeling. 

    Boho is back! Theres a mix of imported Chantilly laces on the bodice. The full skirt is gathered silk chiffon lined in crepe backed satin. Bodice has lace cap sleeves and is accented with a gold braid tie belt. Floral head wreath is made up of dried roses and Baby's Breath  . . .
    A versatile and modified A-line in luxe dupioni silk . . . Here the skirt is hiked up to show off the meringue on the petticoat--- a Chantilly lace border. The complimentary fascinator is 'vintage with an edge'. Ivory Dupioni with handmade silk organdy florals. Has tulle pouf veil and Venise lace edging with hand-sewn pearls.
    Val lace over blouse with blue satin tie belt gives this design a very Audrey look. The skirt is four layers of tulle and a separate slip of crinoline and tulle. Detailed touches include a row of buttons down a V-back
    and it is all pulled together with a blue sash.
    Above: This tea gown could be right out of a Jane Austen Novel. A white silk dupioni sheath draped with Chantilly lace on the skirt and bodice. Back details include a row of covered buttons and lace tie-back. Price upon request. It can be special ordered in white or ivory through Amy-Jo Tatum Bridal
    Below: Perfectly chosen accoutrements to go with the romantic tea gown.  At top right the fascinator is Ivory Chantilly lace and crepe with beaded Venise lace edging. Embellishment is two handrolled silk shantung roses. Below left is the horsehair fascinator/veil hybrid accented with a tulle rose and bow.  Below Right:Something old.  A pair of genuine antique pearl earrings.
    Emma 2

    All bridal Wear and accessories available through Amy-Jo Tatum Bridal Couture
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Short Haircut for Wedding Hairstyle trends

    Short Haircuts for Wedding and Short hairstyles for Wedding

    A very common mistake that a majority of the brides make on their special day is that they loose their individual style when it comes to styling hair. Of course, everyone wants to appear great as well as feel special on her wedding day.

    Short Hairstyles: Short Wedding Hairstyle

    Especially when you have short hair make sure that you feel absolutely comfortable in the short hair hairstyle you wear.

    Short Hairstyles: Make Your Wedding Hair

    Certainly, make sure that the texture and density of your wedding dress compliments your hair do. Your hairstyle should perfectly match with your dress. For instance, a short bob haircut tucked behind your ears or adjusted with the bunch of curls amassed at the top of your head will beautifully complement a lengthy slim gown.

    Short Hairstyles: Wedding Hairstyles

    The hairstyle you make and the density of your gown must be complementing. Like if you are putting on flowing tube gown then flowing tresses with the soft curls would be amazing.

    Short Hairstyles: Your Short Hairstyle

    Prior to finally wearing a specific short hair hairstyle, it is better to talk to your hair stylist and decide accordingly.Source URL:
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Wedding trends Latest Bridal Hairstyles Gallery

    As you can imagine, there are plenty of great hairstyles that can be easily adapted into a bridal haircut, and many brides actually choose to just pick a standard hairstyle and have it styled specifically into a bridal style. Regardless of whether you choose to have a bridal haircut, or just a bridal hairstyle you have plenty of fabulous options to choose from. With a wide range of choices and styles, you will be able to pick out the perfect hairstyle to match your dress regardless of which style of dress you are planning to wear down the aisle. A perfectly designed hairstyle should allow you to easily move from the ceremony to the reception though, so ensure you keep this in mind when picking your style.

    Wedding trends Latest Bridal Hairstyles Gallery

    Look below for the top trends this year.

    Curly Updo


    One Sided Hairstyles (chignons, buns, ponytails)


    Big Bun Hairstyles


    Sleek Chic Styles


    Wavy Hairstyles


    Half Up Half Down


    Hair Accessories


    French Twist


    Retro Hairstyles


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Just Wedding 2010 Trends Hairstyle - Updo

    Wedding Hairstyles are one of the important hairstyle of all. From the bride to the bridesmaids, flower girls, moms, and all the guest, everyone's goal at the wedding is to look their utmost in every way.

    Some wedding hairstyle looks are really celebrity-inspired, and others are modern takes on style from 60s, 70s and 80s. For 2009 wedding hairstyles trends, wedding hairstyle will still focus on wedding updo, wedding bangs as well as new style on board, wedding short hairstyle, and of course combination of all.

    Wedding Updos
    Updo hairstyles are great because of the number of variations which can be done as well as the look that produced by adding updos to the perfect dress and style. Because of the many variations of updos, there are many possibilities for wedding updos, it is always advisable to seek opinion from your hairstylist.

    Elegant 2010 Wedding Hairstyle Trends

    Perfect 2010 Wedding Hairstyle Trends

    Bangs Wedding Hairstyle
    The bang wedding hairstyles can make a person look sexy. The trendy and clever twists are in now, and these are some of the sexiest bang hairstyles. This is one of the quickest hairdos that are easy to manage. You can either wear your bangs short or long or out of your eyes but still have a clever twist.

    Nicole Kidman's wedding hairstyle

    Short Wedding Hairstyle
    Short hair does not have as many options for hairstyles as long hair does. However, there are ways to create beautiful bridal hairstyles and the illusion of length. Women with short hair lengths can use extensions to create updo hair styles as well. The key to achieving a great updo hairstyle with short hair is to curl or wave as much of the hair as possible and pin backward towards the center.

    Below you will find some hairstyling tricks that helps.

    Best Smile Bridal 2010 Wedding Hairstyle Trends
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Wedding Bridal Hairstyle Ideas to 2010


    Get great ideas for your perfect wedding hairstyles . Find out the hottest looks for wedding hairstyles . What the most popular looks and styles brides will be wearing down the aisle in 2008. Tips for finding the perfect hair stylist for doing your wedding hairstyles 2008 and other important hair tips for your wedding hairstyles . To read more and see the latest wedding hairstyles

    Bridal Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

    Bridal Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

    Bridal Wedding Hairstyles Ideas


    Bridal Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

    Bridal Wedding Hairstyles Ideas
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Best 2010 Wedding Hairstyles Pictures Gallery

    Wedding Hairstyles Pictures Gallery
    In the ancient days not so long ago, the women used to carry out elaborate make ups for their hair. Today it still exists, but the only difference is that more attention is being paid to the health related problems that are concerned with a good hairstyle do.


    The same goes for when one is getting their hair made up for a wedding. There are many different types of wedding hairstyles to choose from when carrying out preparations for your big day. The different types feature different wedding themes.


    The different kind of styles are the wedding hairstyles that are let down, un do wedding hair styles and short wedding hair styles.


    Other wedding hairstyles

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Choose Cocktail Dress by Body Shape

    Cocktail dress enhances the natural beauty of women. Every women want to wear a fashionable cocktail dress and look extremely beautiful. Lots of fashion experiments have done with the cocktail dress to convert it in to the most lovable dress. Latest fashion trends making the cocktail dress more trendy and stylish. But thing to be remember is that every cocktail dress does not suit to every woman. You need to choose to your cocktail dress very carefully by keeping mind your body shape. Dress style suiting your figure is the major tool for looking fashionable. It should complement figure to get lots of good compliments.

    There are some tips for you to select proper cocktail dress according to your body shape to look gorgeous


    Women having a pear body shape need to balance their body by applying enhancing look to upper part of body. Pear shaped women look fabulous in neat jackets and feminine shirts or blouses. Strapless dresses are the best choice for these women

    Hour Glass

    Try to emphasize your waist without highlighting your curves by color blocking your outfits. Consider a loose blouse with an open collar or a loose-fitting v-neck on top. Think about flat-front, side-zip and pocket less pants, as they minimize your full hips and bottom.


    Wrap or surplice tops help to give definition to the waist, which might otherwise get lost in a dress. Consider wearing a coordinated skirt and top instead of a cocktail dress. You might also consider wearing a cocktail suit with a peplum jacket..


    V-necks and low-cut shirts are for you. While choosing the top avoid very tight fitted tops. Filled skirt like a pencil will gook good on you.

    Inverted Triangle

    In order to balance out your wider shoulders, try a skirt or pant that has a flare to them. Even the wider leg pants that have been big the last couple of seasons would do the trick and they are a little more modern.

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    Photography:  Lirette Photography
    Dress: Shadows in San anselmo, California

    Aaron and Liz didn't have to twist photographer Stuart Lirette's arm once they announced they'd tie the knot in the San Diego area. They wanted him to travel down and capture all the festivities. "August in San Diego, beachside... are you kidding. I brought the whole family and stayed a few extra days," says Stuart

    Liz and Aaron both work in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is where they met, but the bride grew up in San Diego and that was all the reason they needed to plan a SoCal wedding. The weather was magnificent and the outdoor venue, San Diego Botanic Gardens (formerly Quail Botanical Gardens), was a dream come true for a photographic location. "I like out of town weddings because once I leave the home office I have nothing to distract me from the event so I just immerse myself in the couples lives for the duration. In this case I not only attended the wedding and reception but also the rehearsal dinner friday night as well as going away brunch on Sunday. When you spend that much time with a couple, you can't help capturing some special moments . . . ."

    About the Photographer: Stuart Lirette is a graduate of Brook's Institute of Photography.  He's made a living listening to his clients needs, and producing photographs that answer those needs on a budget they can afford.
    Source URL:
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