Spring / Summer 2012 Karlie Kloss Fashion Week In Paris

     Super Model Karlie Kloss closed the show with a stunning dress top with long sleeves of black lace in an infinite, pure silk skirts in Palestine, and pink, dress the naked, swaying the hips (pictured above).

    Among racks, Dior CEO Sidney Toledano Couture annulled speculation that he would appoint a successor to Galliano, seven months after he was fired in a racial slur scandal, said: "Show a little patience!"

    Flamboyant New York designer Marc Jacobs is strongly inclined to go from Louis Vuitton, a jewel of luxury conglomerate LVMH Dior belonging to the post, but the talks were difficult.

    Gaytes told reporters that he was inspired by Dior's first collection, but it was too "soft necklines, without shoulder pads, wide sleeves, a larger size."

    This time, with herringbone prints black and white bars redesign classic Dior suits, all sizes and bruised hips padded, classic Dior red, gray and pink, he kept close to the house code.

    By day, she Dior was the epitome of Parisian chic, covered for a cool spring breeze cut jackets in wool skirts above the knee.

    There were cloche hats in black, white or brown leather, and high-waisted skirts hopping, wispy organza - black, red or blue - which flatters the silhouette of wool and silk jackets.

    Red trompe l'oeil dress with a pair of silk skirt with leather jacket, cinched with a thin belt at the hip.

    Donino sized square patterns were the exception in a collection based on a single color or teams, in two tones.

    When a woman dressed in Dior organza cocktail of red fire - of course, "was the favorite color Red Dior" said Gaytten.

    And at night, she slipped into the ultra-sexy dresses, lingerie-inspired silk or lace that left long whistling on the podium, revealing bare skin or patterned black silk stockings.

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