Vintage Jewelry And 'real Gold Or Silver?

    When buying vintage jewelry, the best and most foolproof to ensure that the room is really metal quality you expect, it's sure to see a sign of purity of the metal, like gold or 14K Sterling Silver or somewhere on the issue. If this feature is not stamped, the best guarantee for future purity of the metal is to obtain the test piece by a professional jeweler. When you buy an expensive piece of jewelry one of these methods must be used for verification of absolute authenticity.

    Some collectors should only buy a jewelry stamped. Consider a marked pieces to be coated, or fill it, they are not marked. Although this may be true in the latest jewels in gold and silver, many pieces of antique and vintage, which are distinguished and truly precious metal. Charm collectors know this, especially because there are many examples of sterling silver pendants marked vintage, that are in high demand, and to draw premium prices.

    For those of us who buy collectible vintage fine jewelry that is not intended to be investment or quality to the former, there are other methods that are often used to determine the value of a element. Group metals, gold, silver and platinum are not magnetic, and this is a simple test that can help control the quality of the metal, even if the magnet test should not be relied on by itself. If the jewelry item has magnetic properties, it is likely nickel or steel. As an indication of purity of the metal is hard and malleable. Precious metals are soft, and if the subject is broad and thin, it must be flexible.

    Another way to determine the purity of the metal trial by fire. Acid test of gold, silver or platinum is for sale on the internet and jewelry stores. These are sold in kits that include several bottles of acid and the stone used to scrape the surface of a small item of jewelry. Fire test is done properly by scraping a discrete area of ​​a gem stone, and then placing a drop of acid residue of metal there. I prefer to scrape once in a stone and then rinse and repeat a second time. Another scraping contains a good example of the underlying metal. Fall color change, which can be compared to a chart to demonstrate purity. Alternatively, you can make the surface of the steel jewelry-and-drop files directly from a piece of acid, which is a really good test in itself, it is easy files medal, gold or silver, and slides out from the files' covered steel.

    Gold litmus test kits have a solution for each level of quality gold, 10K, 14K, 18K, etc., and give the reading as applied solution is applied. I usually start with 14K and, if necessary, to work my way up or down, depending on the results. Silverstone test kits come with only one type of solution, and turns into a different shade or red, brown or green to indicate the purity of silver.

    Litmus test is not foolproof, as there may be factors that give a false reading, and overall the results are subjective in the level of purity of metal. But if the test is successful, there is a reasonable possibility that the result is reliable. If the result is jewelry, or buying from someone who is being tested, here are some things to verify the process. First check the test solution is cool. These solutions are made of nitric acid and can go bad after several months. Second, the article of jewelry must be wiped off pretty hard in the lining of stone that everything is removed from the surface and the base metal is exposed. These measures help to ensure a relatively accurate test.

    As a collector gain experience in handling of precious metals, it becomes easier to measure the quality by touch and see. Money especially for a soft sheen, or patina after years of use. A trained eye and good discernment is key when buying or selling jewelry. Nothing can replace the treatment of reputable sources and develop your own expertise. The pleasure of collecting is the hunt, and research and testing of your purchases are part of the experience. Armed with a little knowledge you can make wise choices and enjoy the collection of vintage jewelry.

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