Bridal Hairstyle

    This funky bridal style makes a bold statement! An asymmetrical bob is curled, then backcombed to create a wide shape. Fringe is left smooth and a whimsical, vintage looking veil is placed at one side.

    East Indian styling. Exotic and beautiful. Hair is pulled up into a single, high braid. This look is simple in comparison to some highly-adorned East Indian bridal styles.

    The loose, almost casual feel of this style lends a fairytale feel. 3/4 of the hair is swept back and secured and the remaining lengths are left to hang in loopy, almost Victorian coils.

    A stylish hat can add just the right touch of drama to a bridal hairstyle. Here, the hair is left down and the lines of the dress and hat together create a unique combination of softness and structure
    Your wedding hairstyle should reflect who you are.
    This gallery presents an unusual set of options for those who want something unusual on the day of your wedding.
    Wear a helmet if a veil or hair accessories other hand, be sure to bring with you to your hairstyle consultation.
    Your stylist will want to plan in advance how they will work in style.

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