Kundan Jewellery In India

    The jewelry of India knows no bounds in his bid for the modern world. This is because India must be one of the most prolific in terms of jewelry, whether pleasant or simple are very delicate in their complex designs. There are many types of jewelry only India that even young people can find what they want among its offering of beads and shells in interwoven colorful son. One of the most famous jewelry in India is now the Kundan jewelry.

    Kundan jewelry is made of gold, which is very refined and is known as Kundan in India. Indian jewelers also have another meaning of the word. For them, gold Kundan is not only what is done in a jewel, but also the type of attitude that has put the gems. Kundan jewelry is not solid gold real. Its central part consists of a lake or natural resin made from hardened tree sap. Jewelry making any Kundan jewelry, which is usually justified hollow separate halves are usually handled by separate jewelers or assistant shape before they are assembled by welding. And holes in separate halves of the jewelry Kundan, when fitted together to make the model designed by the jeweler. These holes are where the stones are set. All engraving is done before the palm of Kundan jewelry then inserted with LAC.

    Because the lac could still see the holes in the front, highly processed Kunda gold is poured into the regulation covers the LAC, and then the stone is pushed directly to the Kunda still malleable.

    Kundan jewelry is one of the oldest types of jewelry in India because the style in which it was made was used only when the settings back claws were still unknown in the country. Then Kundan jewelry was her jewels were only gold, and it was not only until the nineteenth century that claw settings were introduced and used by jewelers in India. It was during Rajastahan empire when kings paid their jewelers beauty of exquisite Kundan jewelry, as they did, which called for excellent craftsmanship.

    Today there are many Kundan jewelry market and could even be purchased online. There are spectacular design sets Kundan jewelry necklace that comes with the earrings. The most common are diamonds and other precious stones set in gold. Among the commonly used jewelry in kundan jewelry are emeralds, rubies and sapphires. These Kundan jewelry, however, is often a simple replica of the original made in the seventeenth or eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The original pieces could sell for less than $ 200,000 or more per game.

    Buy Kundan jewelry today may have been more accessible to people with deeper pockets compared to the old days when kings and queens could afford. With Kundan jewelry replicated and sold at lower prices is a good alternative for those who could not afford to buy the original antique furniture.

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