Amazing Nail Art Design, 2011

    Shape your nails, use a lot, shape your cuticles and put lip balm on the skin around the nails. Then choose the technique of nail art to use. You can even choose to create your nail designs with only a few of your favorite paint colors. China Glaze nail will give you amazing results! This year's top colors are: yellow, red, pink, fuchsia, black and light blue, green, warm tones of brown and white. Some of them are easy to make and others need more patience and a talented artist. You can also create more complex nail art 2011, if only you follow a few rules. First you need to groom your nails well, to prepare them for your nail art.

    ! China Glaze nail will give you excellent results this year are top colors: yellow, red, pink, fuchsia, dark blue and clear, green, warm tones of brown and white. First, apply a base coat to create a good base for your nail art, you can use one or two coats of your favorite shades of nail polish, let dry and then use a toothpick or brush with a fine point to start drawing your designs. Draw flowers, peas, wavy lines, horizontal or vertical, animal models and drawings in a timely manner. Then finish with a layer of clear top coat that will protect your nail art designs the newly created e 2011
    Did you know that this year you can play the most versatile designs nail art 2011 compared to the past? This year is particularly suitable for nail art lovers who want to live, fresh, and colors reminiscent of the fruit, sky, flowers, and skin tones? You can play a variety of ideas and running is not only one of the techniques to create wonderful nail art nail art models for 2011, but try to combine diverse as nail stamping nail art, French manicure, nails and solar technology 3D design. If you want to find the most suitable for nail art designs in 2011, you can borrow a nail art book in the library or go to a library, but if you can not find any good ideas out there, China Glaze Nail site this article Poland shows many striking designs that you can get your feet and nails.

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