Best In Show: Fall 2011

    Pair with: crimp lengths
    Looking Anjelica Huston in '70, John Frieda Global Creative Consultant Louis compressed combed down, ponytails down to the "soft, soft volume" Gucci.
    More likely to succeed: ponytail Slick
    Appearance: When Marc Jacobs, models came out of the finals, with their ponytails proved high, making them appear as an army models-on-a-mission. "It 'very tight together, without mistakes," says Palau, which was inspired by dominatrices. S & M side, the pony-tail repetitions have been all over the catwalks.
    Seen at: Alexander Wang, Balmain, Gucci, Marc Jacobs
    DIY: Run an iron in sections of dry hair, then gather everyone in a narrow tail, high and secure with a rubber band. Wrap a section of one inch of the ponytail around the band to hide it. Spritz shine spray and hairspray at the root of a smooth finish.
    Pair with dark skin
    Dark skin makes ethereal touch to the fore. The fight against unwanted shine with blotting paper and pressed powder.
    The most popular metal accents
    The look: Hits brightness of gold, silver and bronze in the eyes, lips and cheeks. "The look is magical, as if in a fairy tale," says makeup Lucia Pica, who sprinkled gold glitter on the eyelids and temples of Erin Fetherston.
    DIY: Dab cream shadow to the inner corner of eyes for a brightening effect or a powder pat-Hue ice on the lips of purple. "The money gives the metallic finish and a red heat it up more sensual and feminine, less RoboCop," says Estée Lauder creative director Tom Pecheux, who created the lip at Peter Som.
    Pair with: a fixed
    This show "feel 60, but stylized," says Guido Palau, Redken creative consultant, who has dug a deep left side of Alberta Ferretti.
    Most Dramatic: The Bulk Hitchcock

    La Mirada: texture and volume are retrofitted to organize their return. Drafts Frenchman Jean-Paul Gaultier was inspired by Hitchcock horror film, The Birds, while Suleiman channeled a "housewife of the original 60" with half a cup of Amy Winehouse meets Peter Som Brigitte Bardot

    Available at: Alberta Ferretti, Bottega Veneta, Fendi, Jean Paul Gaultier, Peter Som, Ruffian

    DIY: Preparation of wet hair with a volumizing spray, then dry them. Back-comb (comb and comb and a) of the crown to the desired height, then the coil in a French twist, securing with pins.
    Pair with: rounded tips
    "It 'a color that you want to polish some dramatic feature film," Potter says. Elegant, round (not square) edge to keep nails looking medium length in order.
    More relaxed: Navy Nails

    The Look: Jewel tones not only affected the coverage of this season, but also your fingers. Pensions beige nuances (finally) and reach deep indigo with bright spots year after go-to dark polish.
    DIY: How dark colors show wear faster than a neutral tone, nail preparation with a base layer. "It gives you something to observe the order will not chip polish quickly," said Mike Potter, creator of cosmetics Knock Out, which uses the shadow behind the scenes of New York show DKNY Bonus:. A base color coating prevents the nail.
    With par: Sparkling Wine Bars
    Bejeweled hair accessories attached directly to the bread at Chanel, like the casual look of the evening appropriate.
    The more sympathetic: The messy bun
    Appearance: More Black Swan in Swan Lake, autumn Updo is "messy for the structure and roughness to give, without the attitude and confidence," said Eugene Souleiman, Wella Professionals worldwide creative director, who has thrown Narciso Rodriguez nodes.
    DIY: Choose one of the parties (which is MIA in Rodriguez, but had deep stylist Sam McKnight Chanel sidelines) and gather the hair into a low side, or mid-pony and secure with a rubber band. Spritz the length of a salt spray for added traction, then knot or wrap it around the rubber before coming with forks.
    Pair with: Bold Brows
    Framework bold exaggerated eyebrows eyelashes. McGrath, who has exchanged their pencils against chlorine in all parts of the eyebrows for this season, is recommended to fill the arches with a pencil, and then assign to a powder.
    Rebel Major: Spider Lashes
    Appearance: "This season is full of a thick, sticky eyelids," McGrath says Faye Dunaway mimic eyes, Gucci has created. "They are more interesting than the edge of a sophisticated woman."
    DIY: "Actually better than the eyelash brush," said McGrath The model tested the technique in two strokes of mascara, and a final application only concentrates on the end of the lashes to give them a thick, bristly effect .? . Use a small brush to cover the lower lashes delicate.
    With par: nude lips
    The nude lips are smart contrast to exaggerated blush "stay the course in the skin," says McGrath
    More fun: Blush Reviews

    The Look: Blush wandered north and south of this season. Despite the mild temperatures (and internal adjustment) in the fall Marc Jacobs show, Francois Nars awarded a "pinched" below flush with red cheeks chin up. At Versace, McGrath Rouge swept high on the temples, creating pink, "picturesque" profiles that are "fresh like a mannequin."
    Do it yourself: for the translation of everyday life, focus on the color of apples and cheekbones (over the jaw line, you might think an unfortunate rash), and connected to a pink, purple or bronze colors are not as " young, "says McGrath.
    Pair of Green Shade

    Making the pop classic look with a green shade. McGrath used a rich emerald Dior, and 3.1 Phillip Lim, makeup artist Lisa Butler mixed shades of jade in the smoke a sweet form.
    The Look: The Dior dramatic smoky eye has a look of the 20's. "The style is rich and beautiful," says Pat McGrath, director of creative design, P & G Beauty, which uses the shadow, eyeliner, and huge eyelashes to create a spectrum of looks, the more applicable in the real world (and) attractive in recent seasons.

    DIY: tapas with a layer of primer to prevent wrinkles. Then using a black eyeliner pencil, "draw around the eyes, spots with a brush to create smoke," said McGrath. Follow with a light shade on the lid.

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