14 Kt Gold Jewelry

    14 kt gold jewelry is probably the most common of all the jewels. Includes more than 50 percent of gold, other metals are typically silver, copper, bronze, zinc. And 'strong enough to be detained for long periods of time without wearing out yet contains quite as good as gold jewelry.

    The k, or carat gold jewelry refers to the amount of gold in the room. 24 kt is pure gold and 22kt close. Since kt decreases because of the gold content. 9ct is probably the lowest that still has a significant amount of gold in the room.

    Jewelry 14kt, is tempered with other metals, is probably the best use of gold jewelry in colder countries. In warmer countries, could be close to 24 kt as the body sweats a lot, and this applies to other metals, which have been mixed or alloyed with gold. React to chemicals in the body sweats, and this time turn the piece black. One of the reasons why people in hot countries favor of pure gold.

    In cold countries, however, 18 and 14 kt gold jewelry is pretty decent.

    14k is quite easy cleaning. The hot, soapy water and rinse really well. Then dry thoroughly before putting some distance. Gold jewelry should be stored separately from other rooms. It is easy to scratch, especially if there are pearls or diamonds in the settings.

    Choose from 14 karat gold jewelry is an important step. 14k gold jewelry is not expensive for the budget is not usually a problem. Select the right of way or on a daily or regular basis for a special occasion requires attention and thought. When jewelers always make sure that you have to see the play of natural light.

    Given the above will ensure that you get a piece of 14k gold jewelry that you like and enjoy for years to come.

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