Bridal Makeup Tips

    If you decide to do your own makeup on your wedding day or use the services of a professional, there are a few things you should consider before the big day.

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    1. Test make-up products. Test all cosmetic products, such as moisturizer, foundation, and everything that you apply to your face. The skin can sometimes react to unexpected new products, and the wedding date has not been the best day to have an allergic reaction or breakout.

    Try the products you will use one month before the big day. This gives you time to react to skin products and cured if the unexpected results.

    2. Making a complete dry run before the big day. When working with a professional, be sure to spend time with that person and see the final result. This will ensure that both parties have a clear understanding of expectations and that you feel comfortable and satisfied with your look. Do not be shy when it comes to your makeup, and express their view. He / she should be able to provide an evaluation and a recommendation that meets your needs.

    3. Ignore the face for about five days before the wedding day. Many of the treatments used in the halls of the face can be a severe skin reaction. Rest is the key to radiant skin.

    4. So that the makeup lasts all day, use the primer. A silicone-based fund to give the best canvas to work with. Primer to hide any gaps and seal any pores visible, you will ensure that the make-up stays in place around the big event. Remember that you are exposed all day long and active, which can increase your chances of makeup.

    5. For a natural makeup look, choose colors that complement your complexion and show features. Many brides do without make-up while trying to get a natural look, but doing this can lead to washout, especially in photographs. Free make-up counter and look for the pink tones, and fishing, because they provide a natural pro-wife just waiting for you.

    6th If you want a bold and glamorous look, focus on eyes and lips. Go Old Hollywood glam with a little winged eyeliner and red matte lipstick. Or choose a look inspired by the track-pairing a dramatic eye with a nude lipstick. The key is to know what function you want to focus.

    Practice to see in advance and make sure your bridesmaids have make-up with them for easy editing.

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