. . . Over at Savvy Scoop talking about the history of the Royal wedding gowns of Britain. With the nuptuials of Wills and Kate approaching we're looking more and more to Great Britian for inspiration. Yes, the anticipation of, Who will Kate choose as a designer? has got us all wondering . . . READ MORESource URL:
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    Pam Grant Photography

    Lace as we know it evokes images of woven florals and scalloped edges on flounced skirts and collars.  Lately we’ve seen some imaginative combinations in bridal wear. Going beyond the the traditionals like Alencon and Chantilly, now you can mix it up with hanmade florals, Venise motifs, galloons, and embroideries on organza and chiffon.  Woven into the mix, these laces are making for the kind of cutting edge mingled with romanticism seen in these images.

     Above and below: Clothing by Sandra C. Hagan/ Photo by Monica True
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    Photography- Stuart Lirette and John Truong
                                           Wedding Dresses and Bridal Headwear- Amy-Jo Tatum/ Dioresque 2011
                                              Jewelry- Denise Hazelton and Hot Rocks for Studiolo

    Special thanks to photographers John Truong and Stuart Lirette who teamed up again, this time shooting my vintage inspired bridal pieces against the backdrop of some really incredible Bay Area art. For 2011, I added lots of tulle, lace and shirring to the collection. Slimmer silhouettes come in drapey satins accented with lighterweight laces. The stunning jewelry that pulls each look together hails from two vintage collections, Denise Hazelton and Hot Rocks available through Studiolo . . .
    I'd also like to thank The Marin Museum of Contemporary Art for giving the artists whose work is the backdrop of this shoot, a place to show their talents to the fullest.
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Awesome Wedding Hair Style for long gown

    This is Jennifer Lopez’s classic wedding hairdo which has a more relaxed and casual look. If you are considering having the similar wedding hairstyles as hers, you will need to get your hair cut with flicks and then back comb the rest of the hair and pin a section of the hair behind to rest your veil on. Leave the rest open and make very loose waves with a curling iron.

    long wedding hair
    Elegant Long Wedding Hairstyles

    back veil hair wedding bride image by Paul Retherford from Fotolia … Women with long hair have several options for wedding hairstyles, which can include a …

    This is the only site dedicated to you and your wedding party’s hair styling needs. Within this site you can explore a gallery of beautiful hair designs created to …

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    Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair
    A look at a few wedding hairstyles for long hair length with some pictures.

    Wedding Hairstyles 2009/2010
    wedding hairstyles and wedding updos for long hair, short hair, black,veil

    Long Wedding Hair Styles


    Long Wedding Hair Styles


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    In Progress
    It's December 26th but Christmas and holiday weddings are still going full tilt.  Isn't this an awesome set of pics?  The white Star Lillies and red roses are an ideal bridal bouquet or center piece while the Temperly gowns upper right are perfect for the winter wedding.  Thank you Lindsbinz of SMP Style Circle for inspiring us all post Xmas and ushering us into a splendid winter . . ..Source URL:
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    These are all the books on my own Xmas list.  Numero uno being, The Fashion File by Madmen costumer and stylist, Janie Bryant.  Bryant's book is a sneak peek into the creation of  Mad Men's costumes, uncovering what it takes to define a charachter's overall look. A designer/stylist after my own heart, Bryant shows you how to develop your own signature visual persona.  A lover of vintage pieces, she shows you how to mix the decade pieces with contemporary ones like blue jeans and shoes.  Beautiful renderings of retro fashion dot this book, a real treasure.

    I don't own but have read this gemmie from front to cover in one sitting.  Vera Wang on Weddings is one of the most fascinating books out there for brides to be, or, any long lover of fashion, packed with gorgeous images and expert advise from the queen of bridal herself . . .

    They call this The Wedding Bible in the industry.  Put out by the editors of In Style, this book is a treasure trove of magnificent photographs and in depth coverage of topics from the best of the best such a gown, flowers, invitations and cake. 
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     It's already spring time in Manhattan.  This was the scene at Kleinfeld Manhattan for Priscilla Troy's trunk show featuring her magnificent collection of vintage and reproduction parasols. Priscilla has such a stunning array of these chic little props with the most intricate detailing I've ever seen, some with lace dating back to the 1890s.   When constructed in silk fabric instead of paper, the parasols last and make beautiful keepsakes to pass on. Her collection has not only more functional products out of linen and cotton but deacquisitioned pieces from The Brooklyn Museum of Art which consist of silk and lace gems dating back to the Civil War. Raised in the South, Priscilla moved West and pursued a career as a graphic designer and advertising art director. Today, she engages in conceptual textiles and became interested in “Shade Art” by reintroducing the parasol as both a protective devise and a fashion accessory. She feels, "One does not just carry a parasol, but wears it as a lifestyle choice. "  You can check out more chic by visiting Priscilla's site.
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     Porcelain Poet

    One version of Goth making it big in the bridal arena is Lolita dressing-aka, Alice and/or the baby doll concept.  The Gothic Lolita fashion movement originated in the Harajuko district in Japan and is growing in popularity in the West. It's become a  favorite concept for artsy photo shoots lately and some fashion designers are finding a real niche in it.  Gothic Lolita girls collect elaborate wardrobes of what looks like 19th century inspired doll clothing. On top of that activities for serious Lolita followers might include the romanticized ideas of yesteryear such as tea parties and croquet matches. The white pinafores and ruffled dresses with full mini skirts covered in lace make this look a great alternative for bridal. You can go all-out costumey or tone down the Raggedy-Ann look by creating more of a fashion appearance as in most of the images here. A great look that seems to have been embraced by tiny and shorter women who love to capture the embodiment of youth . . .
     Photographed by Kassandra Leigh Purcell/Dress for Rakuen Fashion
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     Meet Olivia Yip, a rising star out of Hong Kong, aka Olivia Couture. Starting out as a graphic designer, Olivia moved on to fashion once she saw the volume of creativity offered in bridal and special occassion wear.  The press worldwide loves her work, the British press in particular after the
    impression she made at Harrogate, in England; Peta Hunt of You & Your Wedding had this to say in reference to her designs, “true romantics with a twist” Olivia has since been added to the list of top British designers who showed their stuff in London at the premiere of White Gallery last May. Above and below are just a few pieces from her new collection.  You can see more on her site.

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