The Best Hair In America 2011

    It is no secret that everyone tries to deal with Kim Kardashian, her glamorous waves won the fourth place, growing out of Blake Lively Lagerfeld-endorsed loops. If you want to create threads signing Kardashian, her stylist, Frankie Payne, use a thickening spray, then dry hair. The use of a large barrel curling iron, he says that "small sections, starting around the face and curling out." After teasing the roots for extra lift of Payne "solved" waves brushes watch " natural and effortless. "The versatility of style makes Kardashian popular South Beach." Long, the waves are easy to attach layers back, but quickly turned into a sexy evening look, "said Riley McLachlan , creative director at Snip Salon in Miami Beach.
    The Pixie
    For the second consecutive year, Pixie landed the third most wanted list, with the adorable retro makeover Emma Watson, Halle Berry and stylish headphones that are held the first and second, respectively. Rodney Cutler, who moved to the post-Watson, Harry Potter, will be paid special attention to design, "precise, rounded layers" that "meet the shape of the head." Watch out for short? Do not be afraid: "styles suitable for all hair types," says Cutler. "Halle's hair as there are more texture, fine hair like Emma will settle evenly." Georgia, where the women beat the heat and humidity throughout the year, surgery is low-maintenance convenience is ideal. "It 'a female, strong and fresh," says Soren Löffler, owner of Salon Soren Atlanta.
    Sweet, sideswept bangs and marry Reese Witherspoon secured the silver medal after our second most requested style of a Bob Aniston coordinator (J. Lo 's fringe wispier coming so close to the runner-up). As a fringe "unstable" in perfect shape, stylist Mark Townsend, who first cut bangs Witherspoon in 2007, to remove the weight using the thinning shears on the bottom half-inch bang. You can copy the style, start with the shortest pieces near the brow, with layers gradually reaches the ear. Portland, Oregon, that leads to long hair style side bangs are "trendy, and easy to use," says Director Jill Hunter Magnum Opus Salon. "They are flattering and feminine, and complete the cuts again."
    The Bob
    When the signature Jennifer ax in the layers of an elegant Aniston Bob, fainting America (again). Your hair can not do evil, ensuring the most requested style of 2011 (second favorite country singer Rihanna Bob). Stylist Jennifer Aniston, Chris McMillan, set slightly slanted eyes and neck after cutting his chin. The secret of culture extravagant Rihanna? A glass of dry hair. "I hope the way you really use it," says Riri stylist Ursula Stephen. The issue has affected mostly high marks in our capital of live music. "This is the final court of Austin," said Michael Portman, co-owner of the barbershop birds. "The city is laid back people do not want a demanding style."
    Best In Hue
    Champagne: Reese Witherspoon
    Best In Hue
    Ombré: Drew Barrymore
    Shade Top
    What is Jennifer Aniston? Not only does their new status as the most sought after Bob, but for the second consecutive year, its tone color gold is requested. His trick? "Thin as paper highlights mixed in its natural base," says colorist Michael Canale Aniston, who artistically "fuses" the highlights and low lights to "strengthen the skin and eyes" (do not go more than one level lighter than your basis of the most natural results). Shadow Aniston applications Giovanni dominates the room and Pileggi Philadelphia. "My clients are busy professionals," said owner Giovanni Mele. "They like to copy its color because it is natural and does not require much maintenance, so you can stretch the time between touch-ups".

    Best In Hue
    Caramel: Beyoncé Knowles

    Best In Hue
    Chestnut: Kim Kardashian

    Best In Hue
    Copper: Christina Hendricks

    Best In Hue
    Ginger: Amy Adams
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