Grand entrance dressing has been David Meister's claim to fame in fashion. June 22 he launched David Meister Bridal . Considered a luxe line, it was inspired by the red carpet creations David has made for celebrities. David's designs are legendary--worn by socialites and celebs, his is the stuff of opening night galas and award ceremonies. The bridal line is all about using the drama of modern silhouettes, beautiful fabrics and exquisite detailing. “Walking down the aisle is the biggest red carpet moment of a woman’s life,” says David Meister. “She should not only feel beautiful and glamorous but also confident and comfortable in what she is wearing on her special day. My wedding gowns will be timeless and elegant.”
    Pictured here are three of 12 styles from the collection; prices range from $1,500 to $3,500.

    David Meister

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Green Tea for Your Skin

    Many times it has been proven by doctors and scientists that Green tea is one of the best drinks for the skin. Green tea contains a cocktail of potent antioxidants called catechins, which help fight damage caused by free radicals. In several scientific studies, green tea extract was shown to neutralize the damage done by exposure to UV rays. Clinical evidence suggests that green tea is packed with health and beauty benefits that you can enjoy whether drinking it or applying directly to your skin. Even the leaves can be used as a gentle exfoliant, guaranteed to give your skin a healthy glow. It works great on acne. Green tea is not only useful for skin but also for the whole body. It has no any side effect and works surprising on some diseases like...
    1. It is used for treatment and prevention of cancer.
    2. It is used to raise the metabolism.
    3. It is useful for weight loss.
    4. It reduces the risk of heart diseases.
    5. Drinking green tea inhibits the growth of certain cancer cells, reduces the level of cholesterol in blood.
    6. It is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular diseases
    7. It is used to treat impaired immune function.
    If you haven’t try green tea yet, then you must. Procedure of making green tea is very easy and cheap. Steps to make green tea are as below

    1. Put a hand full of tea leaves in the pot.
    2. Add warm water. Leave for a minute Boiling water releases a chemical that make the tea sour.
    3. Add some sugar to it (optional, real Chinese tea usually has sugar added but only for some types)
    4. Wait a few minutes, then serve. You will get a few cups of tea.

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    Would you wear wool on your wedding day? In summer? Meet 'Priscilla' the first wool crepe gown to make it into the collection. Whenever we think wool, winter wardrobes usually come to mind. Light weight wool crepes and jerseys are actually great fabrics thru spring and summer as long as the silhouettes lend themselves well to drapey fabrics and bare arms and back. And don’t worry, wool breathes well as long as it’s lined in lightweight fabric like China silk . Accessorized, ‘The Priscilla Gown’ goes great with last season’s Christian Loubotin’s peach floral sandals but any silver or gold delicate, strappy sandal will look awesome. I see the necklace and earrings worn as a pearl and white stone combo shown above.

    The original inspiration for this gown came from the 1944 Noir Classic, Laura. Although Hollywood designer, Cashin’s gown for Gene Tierney was front loaded with intricate draping and gathers, my design above has a row of gentle pleating instead.Source URL: http://weddingspace.blogspot.com/2010/06/
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    Black, white and shades of gray in color offer a mood of precise and clean lines perfect for deco and vintage wedding themes.  Thanks to Tiatrate over at SMP for inspiring us with this beautiful array of haute chic . . .
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    He who plants a garden plants happiness...

    The sun does arise,

    And make happy the skies;

    The merry bells ring

    To welcome the spring;

    The skylark and thrush,

    The birds of the bush,

    Sing louder around

    To the bell's cheerful sound,

    While our sports shall be seen

    On the Echoing Green.

    --The Echoing Green--

    William Blake
    Thank you Fleur over at SMP for this beautiful mid-June inspiration in shades of green.
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    You'll find most hats these days borrowing from vintage looks.  Why?  I have a theory:  We haven't had a real evolution in hat fashion that ran parallel with the trends simply because hats are not a mandatory fashion piece anymore.  Nevertheless, many brides are hat happy and looking at this option when it comes to topping off their look.

    Above and below are two versions of picture hats, the most classic in head wear for daytime formals. Wide brimmed and typically constructed out of straw or horsehair, they are sometimes swathed in netting and organza. Whatever look you want to create with this style, here are some things to consider when wearing it. Go ahead and put on your picture hat for the ceremony. Just do yourself a favor at the reception and take it off when you’re receiving guests. Unless your hat is made out of that bendy sort of horsehair with lots of give, when you reach out to hug and kiss people the hat will either fall off or scrape someone. Picture hats go great with most silhouettes, especially ball gowns. The wide brim balances the volume in the skirt.

    Cocktail Hats like the one above include toques, pancakes and beanies to name just a few. Small and brimless, these hats sit tilted or perched atop the head, usually accented with flowers or a spray of long feathers; a cover of net or nose veil typically wraps all or part of the face. To add a touch of fun to a simple gown, cover a cocktail hat fully in marabou or ostrich feathers. All cocktail hats look great with up swept hair and most silhouettes. Ideal as a headpiece attached to any length veil

    Pictured above is the cloche, a close fitting helmet-like hat worn low on the forehead with or without a brim. All the rage in the 1920s. Today’s versions are mostly felt and straw, complimenting vintage dresses and suits. Look best worn with a bob or other short hairstyles.

    Top Hat or Derby anyone? Why not? If a man in a tux can wear one so can a bride in a gown.  We're seeing some minature versions lately that sit perched on the side of the head like the one above . . .
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    There's a whole slew of scenerios for buying a sample gown:  Suppose your wedding is next month and you need that gown now? Or suppose you love the sample but it's just been discontinued? Or else you love the sample but can't afford to special order it? You do realize next season a whole new stock will be arriving? This means your salon needs to get the old out of the way. And all those gowns with full skirts just hanging there take up space, or haven't you noticed? While sizes are limited and samples mostly run sizes 6-8-10, the good news is, sample markdowns usually go half off, sometimes less. Some salons have sample sales they advertise a couple times a year while others offer marked down stock continually. Absolutely love that gown you just tried on? Offer to buy it. Yes, that same gown. Ordinarily samples are not for sale but this may be the time they're moving in all those spring confections, especially if it is in less than perfect shape, which, more than a few samples tend to be.

    Now, a word about wear and tear: Before you start bargaining, check out how much or how little that soon-to-be-yours gown has been tried on by others. This means really looking at it inside as well as out. Is it ripped, stained, the hem soiled and need cleaning? While most samples have never left the shop, tthink of them as used gowns considering how many bodies have been in and out of them.   The overall condition of most samples has a lot to do with how the salon takes care of their stock. Still, figure on dry cleaning whether the gown looks like it needs it or not. After a good clean and press it will seem revived both inside and out and take on a new life of its own. So the question is, who pays the cleaning bill? In some cases, the more service oriented the establishment, the more accommodating they'll be. As for alterations, you might save them for when and if you have your gown customized. If you are customizing, any nipping in of the waist or shortening of the hemline might have to wait anyway.
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    If you haven't heard of Swedish designer Par Engsheden you will now.  In one of the purest, most elegant  gowns ever designed, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden married her once-upon-a-time personal trainer Daniel Westling at Storkyrkan Church, the Stockholm Cathedral June 19th.  She went for a custom designed off-the-shoulder in silk.  This simple and chic A-line with a 15 foot train is a but preview of looks to come in bridal fashion as these long silk panels have been making a comeback Mostly in the Italian collections).

    The  cameo, pearl and gold tiara she wore was one and the same worn by her mother, Queen Silvia, in 1976 when she married King Carl Gustaf of Sweden.
    Crown Princess Victoria on the arm of her father King Carl Gustaf of Sweden


    Victoria and Daniel leave the cathedral under the 'Guard of Honor'
    The newly-weds en route to the Royal Barge 'Vasaorden' .

    The wedding party was classic European made up almost entirely of children. Looking like something out of Kate Greenaway, they wore white silk organza dresses with ballet slippers; the pages looking nautical and nice in their blue and white sailor suits.

    Victoria and Daniel surveying their Kingdom
     Victoria and Daniel get ready to sail to the palace for the private reception

    What could be more romantic than the bridal waltz?  Check out the uber-glam in the background--guests in long formals and white tie, the epitome of ultra formal . . .Source URL: http://weddingspace.blogspot.com/2010/06/
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