Caring For Jewelry

    Your beautiful jewelry can lose their brilliance and shine, because the oils in the skin, and improper storage. Here are some tips for cleaning jewelry and support those who seek the best. Although the platinum jewelry is the damage stronger and more durable, with a few simple steps, even sterling silver jewelry should be shiny and beautiful years after purchase.

    How do you remove stains

    You can see dark spots of your silver or gold necklaces or bracelets. This can be caused by chemicals in your moisturizer or lotion (eg, skin lightening products containing bleach-like substance, which can make the jewelry). It can also be aggravated by contact with water, such as when you wash your hands.

    Avoid dark spots by making jewelry when you shop or household wash their hands, and jewelry clean before storage (use a wet washcloth). Thisulphate solution can also remove existing stains.

    Removing Dust

    The complex parameters of jewelry or any other piece of stone sculptures can collect dust. Clean the jewelry with a cotton swab with a little colony, then simultaneously dry and polish with a soft piece of flannel.

    How to clean jewelry

    Precious stones like diamond, emerald, topaz and sapphire can be cleaned in the detergent powder with a soft toothbrush age. Rinse with water distolled foam. Soft stones such as turquoise, opal and moonstone can be cleaned with mild soap. Coral and pearls, delicate stones should not be washed with soap and hot water. Instead, use a mild solution of alcohol and water (with a ratio of 1:1) and wipe with a soft cloth.

    Metal Cleaning

    There are special detergents jewelry metal. It 'better to buy one (the bottle will last a long time) because they do not corrode and jewelry. Some people use toothpaste to clean gold jewelry. You can clean silver, aluminum sheets coated in a plastic bucket, then fill with hot water. Enter the new baking soda (which should start to foam). Please enter your silver jewelry in this solution to sit for half an hour.


    Jewelry in a dark, dry place. Never leave them in the bathroom, because moisture can cause damage jewels. Gems and keep away from direct sunlight, because the pearls and topaz can lose their luster when exposed to UV rays.

    Great jewelry each, as they can scratch and Dent each other.

    Environmental exposure

    Do not wear jewelry while swimming in the pool (chlorine can really harm the gold, making it very weak and prone to rupture), and high temperatures in saunas.

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