Erika Gerdemark Photography

    This is the first post of a new series where you can follow me as we look at several gowns made from start to finish. We'll kick it off by looking at Elin's gown from our initial consultation to the excitement of her wedding day. It made me so happy to see Elin married in such an enchanted setting in a gown of my creation. The back drop of the rustic old Kalmar castle in Sweden seemed a perfect match for the vintage chic of the 'Mira' Gown she chose.

    We started from this sketch planning the ballerina length skirt out of six yards of silk chiffon over a full crinoline underskirt. This Chantilly lace was chosen in ivory for the bodice

    Elin's gown was fashioned out of yards of fragile ivory silk chiffon and delicate lace. While most custom gowns crafted by a designer take anywhere from four to six months to complete, Elin needed her gown in two months. Despite the time crunch, we still had enough room for collaboration with decisions regarding fabric, silhouette and style. This was, as most custom gowns are: typically 80-90% handmade. Hand made means machines do some work like the side seams, cross seams, etc. There are however stitches on these one-of-a-kind gowns only expert handwork can touch in order to produce that exquisite finish

    With a great deal of hand work, the bodice here is nearly complete. With all linings and boning in place, buttonhole looping has been added to the center back as silk covered buttons are sewn on.

    Bodice and skirt have been joined before adding the crinoline underskirt

    Voila! Elin's gown is complete with the addition of a separate underskirt and tie belt.

    Elin in her gown. Doesn't she look stunning?

    Erika Gerdemark Photography

    Erika Gerdemark Photography

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Basic Style Tips For Plus Size Women

    No doubt there are many dressing styles available for plus size women. Each style accentuates different type of figure. It avoids the problem of selecting a dress, just need to know your body type and buy the dress. But still there are some tips that enhances womanly curves and over shows the dress worn more appositely. It is the best way to accent your body type in the most flattering and fashionable way.

    Here are written nine basic style and fit tips for plus size women.

    1) It is mostly advised to plus size women not to wear tight clothes as their figure bulges out in them. But it does not mean that loose clothes are the solution for them. Oversize clothes do hide your features that you do not want to show but it also hides your flattering areas also. Best clothing style is the one that hides your flaws and enhances the flattering ones. So plus size women should avoid wearing very plus size dresses.

    2) Mostly fuller size women are found unhappy with their figure, but it is the ultimate truth and you have to accept it at any cost. Rather than cursing you, it’s good to do efforts to make it attractive the way it is. Love your figure. You should be confident enough to feel sexy and beautiful in your figure. And this feeling should come from inside and outside both.

    3) Shorter plus size women should avoid dresses that go below their hips. It gives them shorter look. They should remain away from longer tops, jackets and sweaters. Only taller plus size frame looks flattering in long dresses.

    4) Though it’s very hard to accept but it’s true that black is not the perfect color for plus size women. It tends to wash out their skin color, while other colors bring attention to you. Choosing right color dress is very important as it keeps the entire body proportion in a balanced state. Don’t be sad, you have a good chance to try new colors, take this as an excuse.

    5) Before purchase of dress confirms first which sizing chart they follow. There is no standard sizing chart that is followed everywhere. At one place size 14 of a dress is another place size 16. So don’t rely with blind eyes, check correctly.

    6) Mostly bigger size girls are found looking for large pattern dresses in stores. Do remember every body shape has some specific designs that suit them and large figures have something different in store for them. Large patterned dresses is not for plus size women. It’s good to understand it rather than becoming angry. Large prints looks good on tall and slim figures. Small prints are for petite figures.

    7) Proper fitting bra is an essential wardrobe item for plus size women. Many times wrong fitting of bras is the reason behind sloppy look of breasts, front looking bunging and straps are falling out of the dress. Look for fitting bras in good departmental stores, as many are there.

    8) Nowadays online stores are having a finest collection of plus size clothings rather than shops. They also provide varieties in different fashions, styles and sizes. There are websites that are especially dedicated to only plus size dresses. Plus size dresses are a great boon to the world of fashion.

    9) Accessories are a right hand of the dress. Without them dress is incomplete. They have the power to jazz up simple dresses too. Good thing about plus size clothing is that there is no need to go to some special shops for accessories. You can shop at any local stores for great jewelry, bags, shoes, earrings, necklaces, etc.

    To keep you updated about the latest trends in plus size dresses, it’s necessary to know about other things that are related to it. These tips are torch-bearer that will aid in knowing something new regarding plus size dresses.

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    Stephanie Williams Photography

    What could be more feminine on a bride than lightweight, sheer fabrics. They have an airy, wispy look and feel that sets a light tone. While we're looking towards Winter, I know a lot of you are contemplating Spring 2010 weddings. Take a look at some of these gowns.

    Digital She/Sweet Light Studios
    Embossed silk chiffon gown with silk gauze train.

    Chiffon-Lightweight and transparent, the delicacy of this fabric makes it best for billowing sleeves, cowl draped necklines, ruffles, ruched bodices and long, airy trains. See-through dresses worn over slips can be made of chiffon. Full skirts in chiffon are ethereal and can be layered.

    Ron Greystar Photography
    Lace and chiffon gown with detachable organza train dappled with rose petals

    Organza-Shown above and below, organza is a light, springy and transparent fabric. Once considered suitable only for summer, organza is now year-round and widely used in gowns requiring full skirts, A-lines, trains, veils, drapes and overlays.

    Stephanie Williams Photography
    All over embroidered chiffon dress with full skirt

    Ron Greystar Photography
    Tulle-Fine mesh netting with hexagonal pattern that comes in silk or nylon. Tulle is standard material for bridal veils. Also used in bouffant skirts like the one pictured above, proffering that ballerina look Vera Wang popularized a few years back. While the big tulle skirt is classic, edgier versions of late suggest special effects like draping, rouching and pick-up treatments over more modified skirt silhouettes. Not to be overlooked for trains done in layers.

    All gowns by Amy-Jo Tatum Bridal Couture
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    Want to wear your hair up on your wedding day but don't want that same up-do look of every other bride? Check out a little bit of Sunday hair raising chic. A floral in the top image along with relaxed curls pull this look together. Below, braids are back and never looked better . . . .

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    A vintage touchstone, Timeless Vixen has some of the best 1950s chic around. Yes, they do carry other eras--1870s to the 1970s--definitely worth checking out. All their pieces are the real deal which means genuine retro finds from the ages. They've gathered the most unique collection I've ever set eyes on. Collectors as well as private clients are wowed by their finds which include cocktail, bridal, lingerie and suits and day wear. All these gowns would be bridal stunners, surprisingly affordable . . .

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Yellow Dress Is The Guide To Fashion Trend

    How it feels when you get up with a rays of sun gleaming at your face. Good right? It can happen to your wardrobe also, if adorned with yellow color dresses. Yellow is a very soothing color and one of the trendiest colors for fashion in dresses. Charm of yellow dresses let remain eyes wide open and mouth whispering, “wow”.

    Yellow dresses are a great way to add feminine factor to your personality. But as there is a proper way of doing everything, in the same way, there is a proper way of donning yellow dress. Lets here see what’s that.

    Every color has different shades and it barely happens that every shade will suit your skin tone. There is one proper shade that will flatter you, opt it. Like, bright yellow shade is good for dark skinned women. They can carry it off very well. Similarly, a fair skinned women looks good in softer shade of yellow. It glows their skin more. Like this it goes on for other skin tones also. Look for yellows that complement your skin tone. But for doing this, knowledge of shades and which shade is suitable for your skin is must have. To know this can be a fun and enlightening experience.

    Yellow does not flatters all, but if still you are a lover of yellow, here is a solution for you. Woefully you cannot wear dress that is entirely of yellow color but you can wear a dress having prints of yellow on it. Find one that will work well for you. Not fully, but till half it can quell your desire to wear yellow. It’s also good to achieve a fashion forward effect as yellow is very high in the fashion nowadays.

    Yellow color accessories are also very good for giving your outfit a fresh look. Add a splash of yellow to your attire by wearing yellow accessories. This option is for those who do not look good on yellow dress and prints but still want to indulge in yellow trend. It can be done by like carrying a yellow bag for a splendid look. Else wear yellow shoes with a dark color such as black or navy blue for a stunning look that will also flatter your skin. Accessories are a very essential part of dress, which sometimes can even take their place also.

    Yellow can also be paired with other color dresses to attain a gorgeous look. It may be more flattering if you pair it with an item in a more flattering shade. Dark greens, gingers, grays, browns and blues can all be very sophisticated choices that work well with yellow tones. Find unusual colors to pair with yellow.

    Yellow looks very well on tanned skins. If you go out in a sun and return with a tanned skin, try yellow dress or suit over your skin and find a beautiful girl in you. It goes well with new darker skin tone. So it shows that yellow looks attractive on sun kissed skin.

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