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MODERN ROMANCE: Confessions of a Bridal Designer

    Okay, so all you boomers know Modern Romance used to be the most popular confession pulp back in the 1960s. Lately though I've been stalking Christine Gorman's Etsy site as well as top notch blog of the same name, Modern Romance. I'm totally taken with her wrap chic. Once I tracked her down I just had to ask her from when and where her muse (or muses) first visited. Here's what she said: "Inspiration for this line started with a friend who was getting married. Since their budget was tight she bought a simple dress and was having an impossible time finding a wrap or a scarf to dress it up. I started messing around with some silk I had and my first shoulder wrap was born!"

    "My head was spinning with ideas after that and so I just kept creating. The fabrics I like to use for the wraps are dupioni silk and silk organza. I love dupioni because it has a wonderful texture that adds interest to the simple shapes I like to use in my designs. As for organza, what's not to love about the ethereal quality of billowing ruffles. I also am adding a crushed velvet cape to my site which I am mad about. I decided to make the lining with the velvet as well so that the bride can be enveloped in it. It is such a wonderful fabric that it seemed a shame to only have it on the outside! "

    Christine, based in Portland, Oregon also creates lucious headpieces and birdcage veils. Handmade silk florals are one of her top specialties and these little flowers look almost real. A visit to her site is gaurenteed tol truly inspire you . . . .
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IN SIMPATICO: The Lowdown on Dressing As a Duo

    Relax. There are no hard and fast rules you have to follow anymore when it comes time for you and your groom to coordinate your look. Only that the bride and groom’s look should be in simpatico. This means if you're in a Reem Acra with a cathedral train and veil, the groom can’t show up in a casual linen suit without setting your unity as a couple off-balance. Realize this day is symbolic; you’re creating the harmony you hope follows the rest of your life.

    If you happen to like tradition and want to follow the rules to the letter, below you’ll find them outlined; on the other hand, if you wish to add a twist on those traditions to demonstrate your creativity or make a statement, go for it.

    HIGH DRESS FORMAL - Pictured above. Generally when the bride is in a formal gown with a long train and corresponding veil after 4PM, the groom is in white-tie and tails. Think symphony conductor in full dress and you’ve nailed this look. The overcoat is black and can be single or double breasted. Shorter in front, it narrows down to two tails hanging to the knees in back. Typically a white pique shirt and white vest are worn underneath with white bow tie. White gloves and a pocket silk or boutonniere really complete your appearance. So what if you want to go white tie before 4PM? As long as the bride’s gown is formal enough and you both feel better in full dress at noon, do it. selix

    Vera Wang
    FORMAL- Both photos above. Time of day (11AM-4PM), location and size of the guest list usually distinguish this from the High Dress Formal wedding. The bride wears a gown with a train and the groom is usually in a tuxedo. Single or double-breasted, the tux is worn for formal and semi-formal weddings with matching trousers that have a satin stripe running down the outside leg. Under the jacket is a wing tip or spread collared shirt, vest or cummerbund and bow tie. Contemporary versions with vests can be worn with necktie replacing bow tie. An alternative to the tux is the traditional morning coat, once standard for formal daytime weddings. To picture this look think Ascot. You know those races in England with all the guys in top hats? Like tails, this coat is short in front, tapering to a long split panel in back. Can be in black, but gray is the traditional shade. The coat is worn with corresponding gray or gray pinstripe trousers, a gray vest and white spread collared or wing-tip shirt, topped off with an ascot tie.


    Ulrich Engler
    SEMI-FORMAL - Pictured above and below, typically the bride is still in a formal gown, only she dons a shorter train or ball gown sans the train. This less traditional wedding gives you both the flexibility to tone down the formality of your attire. Here your groom can go with a different shade or unconventional cut tux like a Nehru jacket. During summer months, how about a white dinner jacket with black trousers, matching cummerbund and tie? This Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca look is great for West Coast or island weddings—compliments beachy/evening gown silhouettes so trendy now.

    Le Spose di Jo

    INFORMAL-For an informal wedding your groom can wear anything stylish from his best suit to something more laid-back like a navy sport coat or silk shirt and khakis. Clothing here follows the simplicity of the celebration, and one of the most important things you and your groom need keep in mind is, informal weddings are brief and the attire though stylish and even elegant, is never formal.

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    Lately all sorts of sculptural touches are being introduced via the runways and photoshoots. Recently did this layout called, The Future is Now. Check out some of the images that reflect modern chic from orgami touches to space-age versions of frills and ruffles.

    Below: Oscar de la Renta
    Right: Angel Sanchez

    Above: Oscar de la Renta
    Right and below: Ports1961

    Right and below: Vera Wang

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Vintage Prom Dresses

    Vintage Prom DressesLook elegant and astonishing in a wide array of vintage prom dresses that makes your promenade night unforgettable.

    May be one day your daughter will need a vintage prom dress herself. The vintage prom dresses now come in all sorts of styles and they also have personal touches added. They can be a full piece gown or short dress. The best way to buying a vintage prom dress is to have guidelines on what kind of dress you want for yourself.
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    New York-- January 14, 2009 was the 2nd annual Supima Competition For Emerging Designers runway show in Soho. This event showcases new designers as well as what can be done with a little bit of Supima cotton. The designers went haute couture with it as judging took place in these categories:"Innovation in Knits", "Innovation in Denim and Chambray", and "Innovation in Superfine Shirting" They were provided 10 yards of fabric, a model, and a fitting appointment just before showtime.
    The big winner was Etsy seller Kimenna creator of a small collection of only cotton pieces she sells online, mostly to European customers.

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