Aishwarya's beauty secret

    We must be one among millions who envy her perfect skin Aishwarya Rai. No matter where she is shooting or what event is it, Ash is superb. And the beautiful voice of L'Oreal L'Oreal Hydra credited fresh range of products for its appearance well hydrated. And now, L'Oreal has also come out with their Hydra Fresh wipes. We download them!

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Safe and Sound Campaign

    Skin Clinic and Kaya BurJuman Breast Cancer program have contributed to the safety and Sound campaign to help raise funds for people affected by breast cancer. For the month of October, the Kaya Skin Clinic donates Dhs100 for each package Kaya Glow Aqua UAE bought his clinic.

    "Burjuman Safe & Sound is a leader in a campaign that Kaya is proud to cooperate," said Samir Srivastava, and Executive Vice President & Business Head, Kaya Middle East. "The awareness is so critical issue is necessary, and because 80% of customers are women throughout the region, this is the perfect start to show our support."

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How to get that Perfect Hairstyle

    How to get a sleek ponytail

    1. Prepare the hair in the shower, use the TRESemmé moisturizing shampoo and vitamin E to help nourish and restore moisture and strength.

    2. Build your foundation: wet towels dry hair and apply Salon TRESemmé Silk Leave-In Conditioner from tip to root. Dry and straighten with an iron to seal the cuticle ultra-chic line.

    3. Add date: your hair in a high position in the ears and attach the hook Brush flexible. Increase the height and volume to help move the ponytail and casual glam.

    4. Sleek and chic: Take a small amount of hair from the tail and wrap around the base to hide the hair elastic and pin in place.

    5. Final Touch "clothing": Add a banner night, or use a hair embroidery link, or a flower.

    To end the visit, the spray volume and Lift Hairspray TRESemmé evenly over the finish style sustainable style, holding can 10-12 inches of hair.

    Poker Tips for Straight Hair

    1. Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner Silk Fair to help add moisture and soften and nourish the hair frizz free results.

    Exhibition of silk line is fortified with vitamin H and almond oil, it gently cleanses, smooths and softens the hair while enhancing shine and administration.

    2. Use a towel, gently blot your hair dry.

    3. While still wet, divide the hair into sections and to protect those at the top of the head with tweezers.

    4. Taking the first section, beginning to dry your hair. The hair dryer nozzle should always be down, and must be constantly brushing your hair smooth as you dry. To help protect hair against damage from stroke, while drying and heat styling, apply heat TRESemmé Defence Styling Spray. To achieve a smooth and shiny, spray evenly on damp hair. For a very smooth finish, use a hair dryer with a concentrator

    5. Finally, for extra shine, use a breath of fresh air in your hair.

    6. For the final touch, hold spray TRESemmé Salon Finish Hairspray Extra under the hair on the back with head forward, then come back and spray again in 10 to 12 inches.

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Wedding Dresses 2011

    Color dresses is in after the wedding ceremony the bride at the wedding banquet or party on clothing, can according to the characteristics of the wedding outfit. Wedding gown in order to display the personality will find much larger dress designs, such as the first one color dress choose fishplate type unfold own fair maiden wind, the first two dress will choose the lovely dress, princess on colour will also have larger jumps. But there are also part of the bride will choose to dress styles to further out of character and temperament is praiseworthy.

    Most often, the same color just isn’t going to look as good on one bridesmaid as it does the next. A simple way to fix this is to choose two different colors and let your bridesmaid choose which one she would like to wear. This can get tricky because if you have four bridesmaids, you have to make sure that two will wear one color while the other two wear the other color. Also be sure to line them up so the colors alternate as they walk down the aisle.Source URL:
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Destination Wedding

    Want to get married on your honeymoon? The purpose of marriage increasingly popular among couples who want to redirect the sound of traditional marriage and to make the leap into entertainment. Around the world, you'll find hotels and resorts that offer on-site assistance for planning your wedding, from details like the wedding license to extras such as music and photos. What is the special day involves just the two of you or whether you'll stay with friends and relatives to join this event, wedding destination can be a way to create beautiful memories.

    But first, a reaction. The purpose of marriage is not for everyone. If you like the idea of a big weddings with all the relatives and friends, please ignore this idea. Even with years of planning, almost impossible to schedule all coordinated for this kind of event.

    But many couples say "Yes" to the idea of destination weddings not only as a way to make a special occasion, but as a tool to simplify the whole process. "Just say, and we will take care of everything," explains Ava Burke-Thompson, director of guest services at the Sheraton "Grand Resort Paradise Island, Bahamas. "We can arrange for the marriage license, minister, priest or rabbi, florist and photographer, bride cake and champagne. And dinner and weddings exercises"Source URL:
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Designer Shoes Wedding 2011

    Choose a shoe style that complements your wedding dress, your personal style, and your overall look. Silk or satin are the two most popular choices for wedding shoes, however your wedding dress and personal taste should have the greatest impact on the shoes you choose. The choice of fabric choice plays a major role in ‘look’ of your wedding shoes. Bridal shoes are available in a wide variety of material and colours. White, cream and light shades are the preferred choice of most brides. Added adornments like beads, sequins and embroidery make your bridal shoes appear fabulous.

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Popular Flowers Wedding

    A good wedding flower is tropical flowers tend to be far better than our native blooms when it comes to withstanding the hot interior of a church or reception hall. Flowers like orchids, lilies and dahlias are all great ones for a wedding flower. They hold up to the heat very well and can take long drought periods, thanks to their hardy leaves and petals that retain moisture even in stifling conditions.

    The ideal would be a flower that you love the look of, which combines beauty with functionality. For a summer wedding, how well the flowers will stand up to the heat is a very important consideration. There is nothing more stressful on your wedding day than discovering that all your blooms are wilting away in the intense heat.

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Engagement Rings and Wedding Dresses


    Vintage patterns are tres chic right now.  If you're intrigued with past patterns and plan on finding a designer/seamstress who can whip up your creation, here are a few things you should know. Unlike today's patterns that include many sizes in one package, those from yesteryear are a one size only deal.  Not only are silhouettes reminiscent of an era, did you know overall cut, types of darts and dart lines are as well?  With all the changes in machinery over the last thirty plus years as well as hemming products, range of notions available and faster techniques, whoever is making your dress will have to know how to adapt instructions provided by the original pattern.


    Want to do a Gatsby or roaring twenties theme?  The 1920s was about women's freedom and it played itself out most dramatically in fashion.  It was one of the first times in history the female body was comfortable.  Typically wedding dresses were short with loads of lace and  a graduated hemline forming a train in back.  Most headpieces were cloche-like and worn low on the forehead.  The above pattern is for an informal affair . . .
     True bias cut, body-hugging, gowns made their way into bridal wear in lightweight satins and crepes.  Hollywood had a great influence on fashion during this time and many brides to be looked to the cinema for inspiration.  This is also the era Brides magazine premiered its first issues, not only featuring gowns and veils but ideas for trousseau and setting up home as well.

    Alines with sweetheart necklines and puffed sleeves in bridal satin were typical till wartime when fabric was rationed.  During wartime, brides married quickly before sending lovers off to war.  Often they'd marry in their best dress or more often, best suit.  Once restrictions were lifted on fabric after the war, even wider poufier skirts returned . . . 
      The era of Christian Dior was all about yards of skirt and nipped in waists.  Slimmer silhouettes celebrated the female form as well. Synthetic fabrics were all the rage, even in bridal wear.  Many dresses that have survived this era either home made or manufactured are rayon, acetate or Dacron.  No Polyester; that was the miracle synthetic of the 1960s . . .
    The early sixties of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy's influence on fashion was radically different from the Mod swinging late sixties.  The styles on the above right pattern envelope show a Mary-Jane and lace child-bride look so prevalent in fashion by the youthquake years . . .

    Though this was an era of funky fashion we were still stuck with the cookie-cutter bridal image like the one above.  Nina Ricci did great with this bride's boho veil and headpiece though and the lines of the dress are flattering.  What we lacked then that we have now is brides brave enough to step outside the box and do something really earthshaking . . .

    Yuck!  Okay so I shouldn't be so judgmental especially since this is the era I began designing in, that of pouf and paste, millions of glued on sequins and overdone puffy veils.  And the ones in the images above are the tamer versions done by Vogue.  You shoulda seen the schlock out on the racks back then.  The result was, most brides looked consumed under all the layers of frippery . . .But . . . this was the look 

    If you're imaginative, you know you don't necessarily need a pattern that says, bridal on it or have a dress pictured in white. Any design or color shown can be created as a wedding dress.

    A last word here.   I don't believe in the theory bodies change from era to era but I believe foundations do.  In the twenties women wore binders to flatten their boobs into chests; in the fifties rubberized armor-like girdles and long-lined bras to achieve a Dioresque ideal.  Studying the underwear of the decade you're going for could be very helpful

    All images courtesy So Vintage Patterns
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Bridal Shower Invitations

    Make sure your invitations reflect your vision of your day. Traditional wording can be used, or you can use inspirational wording or write your own. Unless you have a degree in art, English, and etiquette. Invitations are usually themed when they follow a theme wedding. Using various creations the invitations are usually ranging from the size of the book to the small money envelops. Usually one can notice the names of the groom and the bride on the face of the card printed with the date of the wedding. This is towards the left and center aligned is the space that gives the name of the invitee. Below the cover page at the footer is the address of the invitation. Opening envelop, we now see the card for the invitation which has complete dates and names of the events.

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Hair Combs Wedding

    As the bride, all eyes are on you. So everything about you must be perfect. Your hairstyle will surely be noticed by almost everyone. And since choosing the proper wedding hairstyle is highly important, it is just a requisite that you spend enough time to choose what is best for you. The most essential thing is to take into consideration who you are. While most prefer their hair up during their big day.

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Wedding Dress

    Every bride has her own vision of what makes 'the dress'. weddings day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. Work on creating your own style for your wedding, it doesn't have to cost you to do this. You will have the happiest memories of your wedding if you create your own dream wedding and stick to what you want to do.

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Weddings Rings 2011

    If you bought diamond wedding rings, engagement you for your partner. If you think the ring is too plain for you, perhaps you should consider a beaded edge or an engraved style; personality is just as important as style so choose rings that try to reflect both. More and more couples are now having their diamond wedding rings engraved with a special inscription; something that means something to you both. The rings are for the two of you and no-one else so do not buy to suit other people's tastes.

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Wedding Planner-Angelo Garini

    A wedding centerpiece is generally placed not only on the head table where the bride and groom is seated, but on the guest tables as well. you will need to make plans for a wedding centerpiece. If you opt to use fresh flowers, this can easily run up the cost of your wedding centerpiece, especially if you use exotic or out of season flowers. Because of this many brides look for ways to still have a beautiful wedding centerpiece without having to stretch their budget.

    One way to cut down on the cost is to make your wedding centerpieces yourself. When you have a florist create them, not only is there the cost of the supplies involved but also a labor charge for the florist’s time, skill and expertise.

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Wedding Shoes 2011

    Human foot is divided into several forms. One of them form a flat foot or leg that has no arch in your foot. For this type of foot, usually can not walk long and must pay attention to choose the model that has a supporting shoe shoe so that there are arches that will support the foot. Or bone onion, which has a leg bone at the base of the toes. For this type of foot is no way to anticipate the bone in order not to stand out anymore. Usually people prefer shoes thong model or commonly known as model-flops, for an open and comfortable in the bone of his onion. Though the form of thong will stimulate the bone is more outgoing again. One of the anticipation is to use closed shoes with a soft material. Bone onion usually more commonly found in older people, but when young usually can tell if someone has a tendency to have bone onion or not.

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Wedding Cake Decorated Flowers.

    Weddings cake toppers are small models that sit on top of the cake, normally a representation of a bride and groom in formal wedding attire. This custom was dominant in US wedding where it represented the concept of togetherness.

    In the United Kingdom, the traditional wedding cake is made from a rich fruitcake, although many modern cakes now consist of either vanilla sponge, chocolate sponge or carrot cake.

    Another trend is for wedding cupcakes. To imitate the tiers of a wedding cake, the cupcakes are placed on a stand and decorated in the wedding colors.Wedding cakes can also be decorated with flowers.

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Simple Wedding Dress

    Wedding dresses are the things which need to be given the best of care as they are the first and foremost object visible to people on the ceremonial grounds.The short wedding dresses will have the benefit of providing a look of exquisiteness, which no other form of dress will be able to provide. You will need to be sure of the colour that you like or which will suit the colour theme selected by the family. This will be the first task to be done in the choosing of short wedding dress. The best form of colour for the wedding dresses will be white. After finding it out, we will need to discuss the issue with all our family members as choosing wedding dress will be easier if many suggestions flow in. The best suggestion for the short dress may be finalised in this session and we can proceed to the outlets for getting the needed short dresses for the wedding.

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    Fill Me Up, Buttercup
    Another board that's perfect for getting into spring!  When I was a child, yellow was my favorite color, so invariably this medley reminds me of the joyful and happy images of my youth.  Thanks again to Shana over at SMP Style Circle for inspiring us all.  More inspiration can be found on her blog, Baubles and Bubbles.Source URL:
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Hijab Islamic Clothing

    The style of Islamic clothing, although based on privacy and the fear to loose clothing designed to honor the religion by covering the body of the woman in a modest way, can still result in attractive clothing. The bright colors and bright designs and more comfortable fabric, but fashion serve a big help to update to the traditional style and modern woman of Islamic faith.

    Although still available in dark brown clothes, black and navy, or abayas, are now widely available in the beautiful tones that shade of blue, green, brown, lilac and more. The modern abayas are actually very trendy decorated with sequins and beads bright starburst, floral and geometric motifs on the sleeves, necklines, hems and bodice. These items are also sold in styles that include hand-stitched, embroidered flowers and star patterns. Ornamental designs are closely set with remarkable results that can be particularly attractive to the younger generation of Muslim women, but by the older age groups as well.


    An elegant jilbab is designed to update with a modern sense. These clothes are widely available, and has made a new appeal, especially in the western Muslim woman. Designed in a traditional cotton, polyester and linen, Georgette and beautiful fabrics, modern jilbab is an elegant and attractive.


    Carefully designed Hijabs lycra, cotton and linen are available in a wide variety of colors and designs as well. Hijabs parts one and two are available for the comfort and convenience. Two Hijabs integrate a piece noting that prevents slippage of an additional section of fabric to cover head and shoulders. In a variety of colors including even the traditional black and brown, covering the full range of roses and not, lavender, orange, and green earth tones. Flowing floral and bright screens are now used to create this regard, the Islamic religious head covering for women.

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Pakistan Bridel Dress

    Red and brown are the traditional colors of the Pakistani bride is its transformation into a woman full of love, compassion, passion, desire and expectations for its new beginning. But these days fashion designers introduce a myriad of new colors to blend tradition and innovation. Karma with his bridal collection 2010 grayscale introduced metallic colors and vibrant colors red blue green and brown. Maria B with his bridal collection 2010 has chosen to go with its classic white wedding dress creamy. Fashion Designer Khawar Mahid with his bridal collection 2010 showed that the Pakistani wife is not only about red and brown, baby pastel contrasts with blinding shades of red to dark tones, Pakistani bride is an aggregation of multiple emotions, shyness shy to laugh breathtaking tears to sensitive information.

    Black eyes, red on her lips, her gold jewelry embedded with colorful stones, beads and sequins, her henna Auburn, and the colors of her bridal lehenga binds them all together to celebrate the beauty, called Pakistani wife. It has no borders, no limits because she is a princess of the day, she is the queen adorned with thousands of colors in his past, present and future.

    Celebrate your big day is not the trends and themes of the season, but the color is the style, the soul and desires. What a lovely red or pink or innocent in its fusion of style and dress style, charm and pride there is in all your values, honor and self-esteem

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