Nail Art Nail Scraper, And A Two-headed Stamper

    This stroke of two ends and a scraper having two ends with different sizes and colors. Timestamp large or small nail images of children. The Green Stamper is ideal when using special red glaze, because the image appears more red in the green hit.

    Double Ended Stamper and scraper

    The shock of two extremes is good to work, however, the slots and holes in it to pick up some nail polish and cleaned every few smears. IMO, an expired gift card works just as well and is easy to clean.

    Unfortunately, it is not cheap to replace Stamper. I propose to call in your life. It is flexible and molds itself to ensure proper nail stamp image. Two heads are perfect for making small adjustments to the nail (eg flat image is too small to cover the size of a fingernail), and you have to do another "creep". At the end of the stamp is about 1 "round. And 'nice clean with acetone, and after hundreds of cleaning and still looks new.
    Konad Nail Art Stamper and double-ended scraper

    Just an FYI, I was Konad'ing for a bit now, instead of black "Konad Polish special", I found (after trying 11 different products), Wet 'n Wild nail polish black velvet is the best. It costs less than $ 2 at CVS or WalMart and it is by far the best variety there. I tried to Orly, Chanel and others, and none of them is this thick and black. Others are too stiff when you try to eradicate them, or they simply do not have a darker background. I like to dark blue with a black pattern Argyle on them. It looks like, just do not forget your coat.

    Now, the Polish molding adjust what I found is that the color coat is fine. Its when you need a stamp with that, you have to be careful. Do not be fooled by those who say that "all of nailpolish is characterized by". Well, yes it is, but may be so weak that it is a waste of time. Nailpolishes best print for those who have some metal in them. Sally Hansen Chrome nailpens are good, but expensive. I noticed that the best gloss stamping are Wal-Mart. Yes, pure ice nailpolishs in "Outrageous," and other beautiful stamp. They are thick, dries quickly and accurately. I only use them, and a little '"chrome-iness" to them. If you intend to put the design on the nail, make it pop!

    For the white polish, Sally Hansen French White Tip good. White is tricky. It's almost got to be as "liquid paper" to make it work and look right.

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