Jewellery in India is part of Indian tradition and culture and any festival, celebration or ritual for women is incomplete without them. There are many types of jewelry that is manufactured in India as beaded jewelry, jewelry, wood, coconut, Dhokra tribal jewelry, oriental jewelry tribal, ethnic jewelry ceramic jewelry Kundan, beads jewelry, wooden jewelry sandalwood, clay jewelry, etc. Set in gold and silver are also popular and numerous drawings. The collection also looked well after them, which include diamonds and glass sets.

    Gold jewelry gold is available in unlimited patterns. Since ancient times, humans have used gold in each apartment, as it is considered very promising. Set of gold jewelry is available in 18 and 24 carats and come in sets of heavy daily wear ensembles while Hallmark.

    Kundan jewelry, kundan jewelry red and green semi-precious stones set in gold is one of the most popular trends in the market. Set of white gold are also popular, and exclusive. There are traditional Balis and bracelets, gold mangalsutras are very popular and worn by most women. The stones of the moon, studded with rubies and gold kits are also a common part of the jewels for sale. Some of the famous stores of gold jewelry in India are in Popley and Sons, Tanishq, Tribhuvandas Zaveri, etc. D'Damas, DeBeers, are some of the Nakshatra diamond and gold signs, which are also popular with white or gold Platinum Collection.

    Silver - Silver also depends on weight and height. There are different types of silver jewelry available on the market. White silver are usually worn by traditional women, whereas oxidized jewelry is very popular and worn by young women as part of accessories. There are several shopping malls, where you can buy silver jewelry, but ideal for hunting tracks money in northern India and central India. Ancient cities like Jaipur and Delhi markets money excellent.

    Wholesale jewelry bulk or wholesale is available in some older cities in India where you can buy in most of the sets of jewelry at reasonable prices. There are several advantages of buying wholesale. You can buy in bulk at reduced prices and taxes do not pay the commission or to participate as you are buying directly from manufacturers. You can purchase wholesale jewelry line because they have flexible payment options. You can also get custom designs and see samples before ordering. So you can buy jewelry of all kinds, depending on your choice, because there are many markets and specialty shops in India, where you can get excellent models and drawings.

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