Button Jewelry

    Day, if you are making jewelry like bracelets or pins custom button, you can be proud to work with a tradition dating back to the Bronze Age. The history of buttons going back thousands of years. Interestingly, because the buttons were originally developed in the Bronze Age, they were used for purely decorative. Although the Greeks used buttons and a loop of wire to attach all the clothes, the buttons do not really take off in Europe until the 1200-century, when the button is met buttonhole. Through the ages, bone buttons, wood, stone, ivory, plastic and more.

    Making Button Jewelry

    Before you make jewelry out of buttons, you have to buy buttons. If you already sew, you can empty your sewing kit. Visit your local fabric store and online and buy new buttons as you like. In addition, you haunt garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets to buy buttons, sometimes jarful. Who knows? You can find some real antique or vintage trinkets to use when you make your jewelry button.

    A button bracelets easy project. For a bracelet off, buy a wide band of elastic. Cut the elastic to the size of your wrist, including an additional half-inch overlap when sewing the strap together. With this type of button bracelets, just sew on buttons of your choice in a model you like and then sew the strap together.

    If you want a wrist strap tight, try a flexible wire jewelry. Measure the wire six inches longer than the circumference of the wrist. When you are considering your reason, you can use the beads spacers between the buttons, if desired. When you are satisfied with the design and length of the bracelet, the road ends in a knot embedded in beads or buttons, and then trim the ends.

    It can be as creative as you want to do pin pin button. All you need to start buttons, pin back and a glue gun. Just stick different sizes and shapes of buttons, and having finished, glue the pin back jewelry. Do not forget the mixture of plastic, metal and bone buttons.

    You can decorate the button with ribbon pins, glitter and fabric. Sew the cord through the button holes or "draw" pictures with the buttons. This project is not necessarily subtle. The more outrageous the button pin, the most interesting of the axes will be.

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