You Used What?! 7 Surprising Makeup Tools That Work

    Eyebrow clean toothbrush? Yes, you've probably heard that one before. But it is the only non-traditional make-up tool, we discovered the trick set of artists. Get your makeup MacGyver has these insider tricks.


    Professionals rely on sticky stuff to pick up or loose glitter eye shadow that fell on the skin. New York-based makeup Erica Whelan has also used the tape as a guide to create perfectly symmetrical cat eyes: Place the tape just below where the coating will extend from the deck. Then draw the line. But do not forget to remove the tape when finished, is not a good idea!


    There is no use crying broke bronzer (powder or pressed). San Francisco-based makeup artist Emily Kate Warren pulls out a small whisk to mix, salad dressing, and use it to mash up into small crumbles (reusable) loose powder.

    Micro-fiber clothing

    They are not just impressive for drying dishes. New York-based makeup artist Jim Crawford uses these super-absorbent towel to absorb the sweat and brightness of the faces of the models.

    Orange stick

    Wooden stick was designed to push back the cuticles, but it is also a Warren-go tool to scrape out what the best product of the left tube. Let no lipstick to go to waste.

    No. 2 pencil

    Another oldie-but-goodie: a pencil to determine where the eyebrows should start and stop. But Crawford takes a step further with a light pencil to fill a couple of eyebrows. It is a neutral color that works for everyone. Who knew?


    For stubborn stains to cover, celebrity makeup artist Nick Baross apply concealer with a toothpick. The tip point is more accurate than a brush. Just be careful not to pop your zit-eww!


    To get the curl lashes without crimp, some of the pros skip the traditional eyelash curler, and to seek tsp. Try it: Hold a spoon convex side toward the eye, place the spoon against the bottom of the root of the lashes. Then, with your thumb, gently press against the edge of the lashes. Hold for several seconds, release and repeat until the entire line of curled lashes.

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