Beauty, Your Health And The Environment

    While nail polish creates certain risks for the environment, it is much more dangerous to humans. The environment, without nail polish does not deplete the ozone layer or cause damage to nature. But when the fumes of nail polish is released, especially the chemical toluene, they pollute the air with harsh chemicals that are dangerous to humans. The nail polish is used in large quantities would be dangerous for the environment, but power consumption does not pose a threat to the ozone layer and global ecosystems.

    Environmental hazard of the show ever, even if the nail is a safe environment for the most part, is environmentally friendly and safe nail polish that you can buy. When shopping for nail polish, nail polish look, do not contain toxic chemicals and promote natural and safe ingredients.

    Nail polish can put one at risk for multiple health problems. This is the result of many harmful chemicals in nail polish. Ingredients such as toluene, formaldehyde and acetone has serious consequences and can cause nervous system problems, eye irritation, throat and lung irritation, allergic reactions, cancer, heart problems and disorders thyroid. Nail polish is particularly potentially dangerous for pregnant women because of the chemical, dibutyl phthalate or DBP, as in a laboratory study showed that the chemical caused the animals to produce more offspring with birth defects, especially in males. Another study found that the chemical can cause premature puberty in girls. While nail polish are regulated by the Food and Drug US association, manufacturers are not required to prove that their products are safe for consumers. Therefore, it is important that before you buy nail polish, you read the ingredients and chemicals in the product.

    The health risks

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