Rock The Look: Removing Nail Polish

    This has frustrated me to remove the enamel

    Because I knew I would be in a battle with polish remover, I started chipping away at my nails to get a head start. Ya ... I would not recommend this method, it is messy and ultra ugly. In an attempt to minimize irritation, I researched methods to remove the varnish and glitter came to two conclusions:

    1. Use acetone polish remover

    2. Please be patient

    For # 1, I found this overview of acetone removers (via two hearts together):

    Acetone is used as a solvent to dissolve other substances such as paints, varnishes, lacquers, oils, waxes, resins, plastics and adhesives! This type of nail polish nails usually draws easily polished to a solvent that does not contain acetone (NonAcetone). Acetone nail polish is also useful for making artificial nails and the removal of the strong colors of the natural nail. The acetone is stronger and easier to polish, but which dries nails. Please contact the skin directly into the account can cause irritation and damage to your skin, so be careful when using this or any other chemical.

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