Her Beauty Emergency, Determined

    We can live, breathe and write about the beauty every day, but that does not mean we do not even have to turn off the casual beauty brand. It's all part of trying new products and experiment with new techniques (which we never stop doing). So beware boring hair problems, skin and makeup, these quick fixes are here to show you who's boss. Take it!

    The beauty of emergency: a monster zit

    Correction: Sometimes it's like a pimple the gods know, when you have a great evening planned, and waiting for that moment to give a big 'ol pimple appears. No. Cute. You can hide that sucker first dab a spot treatment, and gently rub in a pinch, I used a little 'cleaner to fight against acne, however, my theory is that if it contains benzoyl peroxide, can eliminate acne . So, the point a little concealer on the area affected by acne and pat with your finger until it sinks in not second thin layer, if desired, and then set the dust.

    The urgency of Beauty: Dark circles

    Correction: When the telltale signs of a late night are there to greet you in the morning, cover with a creamy concealer. Use a small brush to blend makeup on the darkest part of undereye circles (usually in the inner corner) to the outside. To avoid a raccoon eyes reverse (pale ash-color around the eyes), concealer stick is only a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. For the hardness, put light dusting of translucent powder. Another trick I use to get people to think I had enough Zzzzs: Rock and lipstick or gloss clear to keep the attention away from his sleepy eyes. Sneaky, huh?

    The urgency of beauty eyeshadow Creasy

    The solution: If you are (still) outdoor wedding or summer dance in the club, you can easily fix annoying wrinkles eye shadow with your finger. Simply rub the color around the eyelids, very gently to level. To avoid a scene smeary next time you prepare your lids with foundation and powder, or use some eye shadow primer.

    Beauty in case of emergency: No time to wash your hair

    Correction: Update your shampoo for dry hair. I like the car is sprayed on top, unlike the spray, but both do the trick. You can quickly "washed" to separate the hair into sections at random, apply to the roots dry cleaning, massage, and you're ready. The result: fat-free, fresh smell discussions. No one could ever imagine you press the snooze button four times.

    Beauty in case of emergency: Frizz (ugh!)

    The solution: an inexpensive remedy unruly hair could hide in your desk drawer: a hand lotion. Rub a dab between palms and apply it to the tip of your curly hair to tame before heading to happy hour. Got curls? Scratches on the lotion to leave your finger combing hair does mess up your loops.

    The urgency of the beauty: You're out of shaving cream

    Solution: No need to leave her short skirt for pants, shave your legs with conditioner. Most of them are quite thick and creamy to mimic the texture of shaving cream and protects the skin against cuts and scrapes. Whew!

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