Pretty In Pink (Lipstick, That Is)

    Woman having lipgloss applied
    The never-ending quest to find the perfect red lipstick is a noble, but only occasionally-year gift that receives tons of games in the world of beauty. But what if, like most women, you are drawn to pink instead of red? We found three show-stopping colors sure to complement any skin tone and personality, we pinky swear! And who better to highlight a few of you (our readers beautiful).
    Romantic Rose
    Why not take a bunch of pocket in your bag as a pale pink lipstick. This universally flattering shade is ultra-feminine, as evidenced by Vanessa Lennon, 32 for extra dimension and shine, add a touch of gloss in the center of your lips. So pucker up, Buttercup.
    Bold Berry
    Pack a punch with red berries is cuter cousin. This attention nuances orders, while remaining attractive and glamorous. Perfect for ladies who Blair Feldman, 26, seeks an old Hollywood look with a shadow phones.

    Fierce Fuchsia
    Hot pink has never been hotter, and guess what? Anyone can use it. The trick is to find the tone of yellow shades, if you have a skin and warm shades of blue, if you have a fresh skin. The fiery red as the Rat Gillian, 23, can rock a bold look. NOTE: The best in tandem with the attitude and confidence.
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