take off your hijab

    I was talking to my friend today and Nonie issue arose from the feelings we experienced when we started to wear hijab.

    Nonie told me how she went into a shop wearing a long tunic (she lives in Egypt, by the way), and while she watched the clothes of the mother and daughter were shopping. The girl (who was not in hijab) tried some nice clothes and always look skanky mother looked Nonie, top and bottom, with a look of pity on his face this way Nonie was dressed.

    This led the conversation across the way some "Muslims," ​​people try to convince the girls to take off her veil, saying it is not necessary or fashionable.

    They told me to take my abaya, as it was not fashionable and girls my age do not wear abaya - that's just for fat women!

    Seriously, I do not know how people who call themselves Muslims despise girls who choose to wear the hijab and wear it properly! How can they look at us and tell us about the disposal of our hijab to our God, who also intends to submit to the commands we use?!
    How can they choose Shaytaan of Allah?

    How our brothers and sisters in Islam better for a believing woman to be discovered, bringing skanky-tight, revealing clothing, rather than seeing the message and the command of Allah? And why? So they feel more comfortable with the fact that you are to imitate them - we lost sheep following the wrong way down the mountain?

    I did not understand. I think it all goes back to the one thing we know Satan. He and his soldiers whispered in our ears, that the hijab is cool, is an elegant and modern, not, sexy, and once you manage to overcome the person's mind, he whispers in your ear, then go out and convince others to believe, God-fearing people about the same thing.

    * Some Muslim women do not despise you for membership, you look old-fashioned thinking.

    * Some Muslim men will consider you not to look like a sex goddess - not to show your curves and beautiful hair - they desperately want to see. They look down on you because you refuse to be their eye candy.

    * Some non-Muslims will look at you because you see these strange, scary and is not a mirror of walking itself.

    * Even some Hijab "," will in no even though both carry a head scarf - you personally the possibility of extending the hijab in the chest, covering the body freely and choose not to make the mistake of using a tissue and try to be physically attractive and modern at the same time.

    I remember when I was an explosion in my heart hijab and I decided to use it to put it. Then I said to the bride (now husband) that I decided to use it. The next day, when I dressed in the mirror and said to myself: "What am I doing?"

    "I can not stand it, I usually look attractive, im young - I see young people - not as a withered old woman, I usually look elegant in a hijab - to - take - Take It Off "

    Fortunately, I said to myself through my heavy doubts on the "I made this big decision, it is too early for these doubts, I must be strong, have faith in Allah, and secure it through."

    And it was one of the strongest things I've ever done. Tell others, NO may be difficult .. say NO to yourself is even harder ... but then, realizing that Satan is leaving the "exit" and it worked, it is very comforting and very rewarding feeling.

    And if someone dares to tell you to take the hijab because it is not elegant ", you would have even more beautiful without it," then I recommend you and say, "No, I respect God and I respect my beauty "We do not have to prove our beauty to anyone.

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