Body Art Smart To Stay Trendy

    Body Art helps define a style statement as it gives freedom to decorate, embellish or change your body permanently or temporarily. Body art is art made on, with or consisting of the human body. The most common forms of body art are tattoos and piercings, but other types include scarification, branding, scalpelling, molds (eg, tight lacing of corsets), full body tattoo and paint body.

    Body Painting
    Body painting is the oldest art form. Body painting is a temporary form of art is the human body, lasting a few hours or maybe a few days and can be removed easily and cheaply. The paints used in painting the body are not toxic and non-allergenic. Not just body paint naked body paint, but also into small pieces that are called tattoos. Tattoos can be detailed or just a little paint. Today body painting is huge in the sands of enthusiasts and professionals. Paintwork in general, can be considered sometimes as football matches, rave parties and certain holidays (for example, Deeepwali Mehndi in India). First a general view that black color is followed by a fill color you want, and then the ear, the jewels to their liking are used to decorate the beautiful piece of work.
    A tattoo or tattoos

    Today, tattooing is the latest trend and the most common among young people. Tattoo can be done either temporarily or permanently. A temporary tattoos are available in the form of stickers that can be applied directly to water, while the permanent tattoo pigments are injected into the body through injection. Sterilized instruments and bio = risk containers should be used in order to avoid any kind of allergic reactions and infections.
    Common Tattoos

    Resolution on tattoos is easy if you pay attention to different types of tattoos available, and the model that suits you. So just do not rush! Take time to know and understand the art of tattooing and extremely important, not only go after what is developing, but go after what you later. Here are some tattoos:

    * - Zodiac Tattoos - These are the astrological tattoo designs, available in twelve different zodiac signs. Each zodiac is based on the time and date of birth and shows some specific features of a person.

    * - Tribal tattoos - these tattoos are showing some early tribal cultures. The most common tribal tattoos consist of sharp edges around the body. These are usually sharp, thick and twisted.

    * - Celtic Tattoos - Celtic tattoo design is often made of nodes, which will be known as the Celtic culture. Celtic tattoos are often in the form of a Celtic cross, Celtic, and hearts of many Celtic tattoo designs. Much of this art, a symbol of the old culture.

    Mistakes to avoid tattoo
    * - Even if the tattoo sure you have not consumed any alcohol, because alcohol causes the tattoo to come out of evil, and you can not bleed a lot.

    * - While the tattoo is not trying to be impulsive or arbitrary, since the tattoo is the current trend, but can lead to shame that after a while, or when they are older.

    * - Always keep the entire tattoo and body part before the whole tattoo, as the wrong size can seem tired.

    Side Effects of Body Art

    * - The sanitation and poor sterilization of needles tattoo parlor can lead to infections.

    * - The formation of keloids - Most people who wear tattoos informed keloid formation, when the scars grow beyond its borders.

    * - The tattoo ink sometimes is not marked with the manufacturers and the machine is made by mixing paint or printing ink and cause allergies.

    * - A risk of disease transmission remain as is done with injections and the slightest mistake can transmit diseases like hepatitis B, HIV, etc.

    These side effects are the only news to listen to different people. Genaral pralors tattoos are safe and well, and their strict sanitation and sterilization. So all you girls, and do not worry! Just check the room clean, and be very careful when choosing your palace tattoo.

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