Get The Best Home Ever Self-Tan

    Choose your self-tanner

    There are models that can satisfy the periodic table of elements so choose your wisdom. Certainly appropriate for beginners? Tinted Self-tanning (you choose the formula gel, lotion, spray or mousse, depending on your choice). This eliminates any uncertainty of the process, because it allows you to see exactly where you're applying the product so as not to lose their jobs or end up with streaks. Do not use tanning for your body to face, because they may contain ingredients that are richer, which can cause breakouts on sensitive skin.


    Before applying the false brightness, freshness reveal your skin cells sloughing away dead skin with a body scrub and shave your legs. Pay special attention to areas such as elbows and knees as dry a little horny. These parts are known to absorb excess material, which can make it turn darker than the rest of his body.

    Use it as an artist

    The goal is a natural color, and the best way to achieve this is to use long, even strokes, to share a constant amount of product for each part. To ensure that hands are stained, use plastic gloves, or just give them a good wash as soon as you stop.

    Dry Down

    Tanner's car does not require any drying time so if you put something, make sure it is loose and dark to avoid soiling your clothes.

    Correct and expand

    If you notice streaks or irregular patches After inspection, it is never too late to remove. Fade the offending area, please contact a wedge of lemon and rub on the skin (acid breaks, Tanner). Upon completion of your light, to keep the radiation with a moisturizer. Daily application to the skin in good condition so you can heyday.

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