What To Keep In Your Kit Beauty Office

    Of course, you have a stash of paper clips and staples at your desk, but what with blotting paper and elastic hair? Keep these essentials beauty tucked away in your office so you'll always be the meeting room and a cocktail-hour loan.

    Drag Paper

    These thin sheets are as practical as Post-its. To clear the entire touch of sparkle in the afternoon from one (like Shu Uemura face role) in the nose, cheeks and forehead, where oil tends to accumulate.

    Ready elastic and pins Bobbi

    They keep a stack of these practices to create an event worthy bread quick dinner, elegant or pony. Also try: Sephora Collection hair elastics without preview Goody Bobby Pins ColorCollection metallic finish.

    Dry Shampoo

    If the son has a tendency to become fat or limping at the end of the day, sprinkle some dry shampoo on your roots to absorb oil and to stimulate hair instant volume. Mon we like: Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder.

    Clear and polish remover wipes

    Refresh a day obsession with a layer of polish to dry quickly evident, as L'Oreal Paris Nail Pro in Clearwater during a conference call (you can also use it to seal a run in your socks). For the paint already chipped, hold disposable pads soaked in remover, such as Cutex Essential Care One Step Carpet nail polish, to start fresh.

    Roll on perfume

    Petite version of a favorite fragrance is easy to re-apply on pulse points before falling off the evening commitments. The smell of dust-surrounded by pink ChloƩ ChloƩ Rollerball.

    Gloss powder

    Use your finger to press the amplifier universal inner corner of your eyes, your browbone along or just above your Cupid's bow to instantly transform your look from day to night. Try: Stila Eyeshadow Pan in Kitten.

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