The Protection Of Hair Tips For Sun Protection

    Hair protection is important for all those who wish to have a thick head of shiny and healthy. Especially in summer, when the solar wind and salt, our hair needs extra help, do not look dry and damaged. First of all, when you decide to spend the first weekend of the sea, we also recommend hair products not in stock. Protections, but also shampoo your hair the perfect balance of sun exposure for long. Do not forget to also be a special mask to nourish and smooth the hair and remove the nodes.

    Protect your hair: the sea

    She knows all too well: after a day at sea, thanks to the baths in salt water, sun and wind, your hair is dry and boring. It 'clear that this does not happen, it is very important, just like the skin, protects the hair solar products created. Never forget the oil, if you do not like Wet Look, there are also many products that make dry hair soft and natural effect. Always apply the product even after bathing in the sea to prevent the salt dry.

    Privacy hair after sun exposure

    Once back home, it's time for a shower. Use a shampoo specifically: I always use Kerastase products and recommend them as they protect and restructure hair in depth. Another good brand is Redken and still are, even in the supermarket, many lines specifically designed for sun exposure. Wash your hair to remove any residue of the day and, after rinsing are also involved in a restructuring. Hold for a few minutes and see the beautiful hair again, healthy and strong. If possible, avoid using the hair dryer to dry and absolutely forbidden to righteousness hair.

    DIY hair masks Privacy

    It's also great for hair masks that can be done at home with ingredients you have in the fridge.

    Mask for dry hair with honey and olive oil

    Use 5 tablespoons of honey and olive oil 3 to create a homogeneous mixture to be distributed on the hair and hold it for 30 minutes.

    Hydrating Mask fruit

    A mixture of two apples and a banana with 250 ml. glycerin and let stand for several hours in a glass jar. Apply on the hair for ten minutes and rinse.

    Avena brittle hair

    Mix two tablespoons of oatmeal and warm milk, dissolve and filter them. And 'once cooled the product applied on the hair for 10 minutes.

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