Hair Protection System And The Line Was

    The hair may have some kind of reaction is difficult to underestimate, ignore risks, Protects hair from external aggressions, better be careful. The trump card, the key is the food.

    Hair must be well fed during the summer, leaving a precious substances to provide comprehensive services for their health and with an eye on the tail, which, for the combination test, must be impeccable. Hair has a particular composition, made by nearly 80 specialized proteins called keratins, and amino acids.

    The diet has saved key player in the hair, such as proteins and amino acids such as cysteine ​​and lysine the Sarginine mention the real panacea for vitamin BA for the production of sebaceous follicles, vitamin A, which, thanks to antioxidants, protecting the hair the aging process, minerals like iron, zinc and Rame.

    Then go in the summer of foods rich in protein and essential amino acids, such as white meat, fish, milk, eggs, soy and cereals, but also those who have high B vitamins, such as yeast, legumes and vegetables, and a collection of fruits, vegetables, red and orange.

    Whole grains, legumes, red meat, shellfish, milk, spinach, fish and shellfish are an important source of minerals, which allies can not stop the hair and fitness.

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