Tips For Beautiful Hands And Nails

    For beautiful hands and nails is not a reason to do much more, but some only need to care little hands and nails, you can make your nails beautiful and attractive, so be prepared for the first memory, when you wash your hands done quickly, Arida, and after some time Applied moisture on them. Moisture contain urea of ​​lactic acid is more effective for hands and nails. Second important thing is to always wear gloves when using harsh soaps, detergents and chemicals, and when you do a job that can hurt your hands like gardening. For a good cleaning effect massaged with a drop of lemon oil twice a week in the nail plate.

    The nail polish is to help protect your nails from chemicals and stains, you are using, but not much else. If your nails dry in order to immerse himself in hot water for a few minutes tan and moisture, then dry and apply what it contains urea, lactic acid and so the process is a good manicure nail polish on the nails so beautiful and attractive. Nail polish does not use much in the quantity and after using the moisturizer that is applied is less irritation.

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