Tips And Secrets To Remove Sunspots

    Today we talk about sunspots, unfortunately, happen to have these strangers our skin, but it is also true that we are able to dodge a little 'attention. Prevention is always the best weapon we have and I never tire of repeating it for many reasons, but if we are wrong (or underestimate), it's nice to see something, how to solve the problem. Lesions on the skin can affect any part of the body, but especially in the face, hands and heels, the regions that are not so easily, unfortunately.

    With good protection and have no sunspots can be avoided fast, you will not have to deal with these accumulations of melanin so they are difficult to divert.

    Here are three ways to remove sunspots:

    Laser-U is a painless treatment, but is a bit '"expensive, for you and your dermatologist will not cause any problems, we must be careful in the sun before and after treatment with creams and high security. Be careful in the fall or winter.

    Glycolic acid peels, is a kind of exfoliating scrub, which affects the cells of the outer layer of skin, so the stain is removed. Visitors to the dermatologist varies the type of stain and its extension.

    Depigmenting creams: The dermatologist prescribed and applied to the affected area being careful not to confuse the "objective" if the rest condition.

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