Key Fashion Trends Spring-summer 2011

    Even more than in previous years, summer 2011 offers a wide variety of fashion fashion for all shapes and sizes of women.

    Fashion Styles for 2011 was based explosions of color brick color. This fashion trend growth may even go in the direction of held "top-to-toe color." Beautiful and decorative is merged with the ease and minimum for spring / summer of 2011 Skirt hems are dropping e, and the pants are wider, as contrasted with bright colored pants cropped trouser cut roses. The skirt and pants silhouette trends are complemented by the return of warm and blouses tunics. denim is strong again, and then the white pieces, especially in the lace. clothing styles below the knee function most innovative designs and maxi dresses are always popular. Ballet is like kissing red tones.

    One of the trends of the fashion trade in the United Kingdom in 2011 is the new 1970 retro. 1970 New encompasses flowers, sparklers, prints and more fantasy games. This has been seen in the flow of purple pants off on Marc Jacobs (above right) and is a natural extension of the many elements of Boho style so beloved by British women. Top left - Biba Tunic and hat in the House of Fraser.

    A fashion trend that is established is that the concept of "forever fashionable." Overall portable fashion this year for every girl and woman that age.

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