Halal Makeup Is The New Rage In Britain

    A Muslim businessman launched the first halal makeup line in Britain, alcohol and animal products.

    Samina Samina Akhter pure makeup set his house in Birmingham after questioning the ingredients in many cosmetics from the main street.

    Under Islamic law, the meat of alcohol and certain prohibitions. Pork is particularly taboo, so Akhter was shocked to learn that some of the products it uses include fatty pork and gelatin.

    "As a Muslim, I wondered what I put on my skin," said Akhter. "I wanted to know whether it was permissible in Islam."

    Lipsticks, eyeliners and Akhter are made of plant extracts, minerals, essential oils and vitamins.

    The company received halal certification in early June, and now has over 500 clients. "Many Muslim women like me, were frustrated by the desire to look good and to follow their faith," said Akhter.

    Interest has been shown to range from as far away as Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

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