Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2011

    Women fashion trends focusing on bright colors and bold. Followed closely by, florals, neutrals and 1970 white minimalist, retro glam. Then there are perhaps lace romantic blouses and transparent dancer. To complete the whole mode of 2011 is larger for pants, skirts and dresses more complete. Elements retro fashion styles of the decade of 1970, this trend is huge commercial for summer 2011. Indigo blue jeans and is strong in all parts of the garment 70 particularly skirts and jackets.

     SUMMER 2011 COLOR View TRENDSNew top lace pink and bright pink Capri Top New Look & Salmon Coral silk harem pants.

    BLOCK STRONG COLORS AND COLOR TOP fingers - bright color wheel. Try the zingy bright colors bright. Colors excite electric shock. Try bright from head to toe. Main color in the block is not shrinking violets. But if you choose carefully you can save the atmosphere without discord. Contrasting colors, neon nightmares, an extremely wide band of bright colors, or mix of harmonious colors can be pulled off this season. He chose the color scheme of popping sounds best for you.

    Aegean Blue - All blues but mostly turquoise and blue dominate Klein. Denim is back as blue as ever and even metallic prints. Note that functions as a blue tint to complement the orange coral.

    Raspberry - CORAL RED - honeysuckle rose. These red wines offer some of the best colors in vibrant shades of orange movement.

    Tangerine - Orange - shades of coral. The look is based on the orange tones, especially in leather. Note Hermes orange color beige and clean leather handbags camel in the deep tan, with tools, threaded rivets and leather whip. Some bags are relaxed by the effects of cord duffle. This year, a natural leather look very popular shows.

    NEON FLASH COLOURS. Here we see the hot pink, lime green, warm orange, electric purple and acid yellow. Shocking neon pink / orange can be scary, but it seems easily in bright coral honeysuckle and rose through in 2011. Center - New Look, Top Salmon / sequin embellishment £ 26.99 / € 34.99, Coral Silk Harem - Life Tie £ 21.99 / € 29.99. Right - New Look Pink Lace Top £ 21.99 / € 29.99, pink Capri Pants £ 17.99, € 24.99.

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