The 9 Hottest Hair Color For Fall 2011

    Pinto Black Ink

    COLOR KEY NOTES hair Freida Pinto is so unique because it is almost a true black without a glimpse of Auburn or purple in the light. Of course, while the best way to get this look is to be born with it, there are some important tips to pretend. Ask your colorist to the deepest shade of brown, not black, which is too heavy and heavy metal for the look you want. (Think about coffee, not tar.) And splurge on a luxurious treatment mask as often as you can. Dyed black hair can look rough and flat, without extra love.
    Mila Kunis has arranged Brunet

    COLOR KEY NOTES Kunis color looks too bright and natural to be made? That's the idea. "Mila has dark brown hair, so I put the two levels lighter than its base," says De Souza. "For those with olive skin and brown hair, watching this amazing technique. It's simple and reliable, but not boring."
    Streaky highlights Ciara

    KEY WORDS SHEET COLOR usually streaky phrases, often fragmented and do not necessarily want to join us the highlights. But a look of perfect pitch Ciara wires, changed our minds forever. Thick strips of copper along the white part is a complete update delivered a brilliant treatment process. Ask Colorist some hidden tracks on the underside of the hair, playful, peek-a-boo surprise
    Olivia Wilde sophisticated Shadows

    NOTES color key "Olivia is not the color of your hair in seven or eight when they came for me," said de Souza. "I gave him a base that accentuates her natural brown with light reflections through the honey. Then lightened the tips with a touch of shades darker than your hair.'s Dark, but not serious. And grows well without being cheeky. "
    Maria Menounos is salient Tawny
    COLOR KEY NOTES If you have a light brown base, and Menounos, a scattering of sunlight can illuminate highlights her eyes. Keep sophisticated, no scratches, ensuring that the highlights are ultra thin and placed evenly over the entire head, even in the bottom of your hair. You will pass a long afternoon on the couch and started the season that you did.
    Sarah Jessica Parker grew Blond-Out

    COLOR KEY NOTES From the Shadows has become fashionable in the last year or so, colorists have developed the art of discreet brilliance. SJP has no way of that resolution and that is why we love it. If you are a true Brunet, who has gone blond for the summer, resist the temptation again. Trust us: The results can be spectacular.
    Honey blonde Emma Roberts

    COLOR KEY NOTES What's so special about this show are the layers of color dimensions: A blonde candy base is accented with ribbons of caramel and straw. We love this treatment for women who were children towheads and are reluctant to admit that now you are light Brunet. It also seems very well in the beauty of complexion with a touch of pink in your skin, and those with yellow notes may seem too tonal.
    Buttery blonde Charlize Theron

    COLOR KEY NOTES "This is just a brilliant blonde sexy," says colorist Denis De Souza, who works with celebrities like Mila Kunis, Rachel Bilson and Olivia Wilde. "To make it work for the fall, make sure your makeup amp a bit. In this way will not be eliminated." De Souza also noted that because the tone is a bit of ash is the best for women with skin clear. "Otherwise, you have too much contrast and" he added.
    Emma Stone is Red dimensionnelle

    COLOR KEY NOTES If it is not natural, flaming red hair may seem costumey against almost all colors. But copper in Auburn with the washing of the highlights of the strawberry as the Stone is a flattering skin tones ranging from very fair and tan Tawny. (Ignore the shadow if you have olive or dark). And a nod to the star asking you not to touch the eyebrows up, too. A simple trick to enhance the sensuality is back in the shade.

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