10 Tips To Look Good In Photos

    If you are a bride, bridesmaid or guest of honor, marriage may seem like a good reason for a lot of makeup. Resist the temptation, we all know that since marriage is often quite badly hurt, big time. "Do you want to add your color with a warm shade shelters so you do not need a lot of makeup," says makeup artist Tim Quinn, Giorgio Armani Beauty. "And do not try to create a look entirely different from what you normally use You do not feel comfortable with it, and that seems the picture .." His other strategies to make a special day:

    # Use a moisturizer
    "The main factor is to take a make-up of dry skin end up looking chalky images. Smooth, hydrating moisturizer and give it a couple of minutes to sink, before the foundation." Try a lightweight, oil-free lotion Lancome Aqua Fusion.

    # 2 Add the dressing, too

    "Long-distance event like a wedding, the silicone primer is your saving grace. It creates a barrier between the skin and make-up helps to prevent oil and moisture in the Pearl does not fit into size drop is enough to cover the entire face. Apply the first in which it tends to be oily, then spread the remaining skin. "Try L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets of Magic Professional Improvement of Base.

    # 3 Go a little darker than your foundation ...

    "Using the Foundation for half to full shade darker than what is typically used to add heat to the skin, without having to apply a lot of makeup."

    # 4 ... and apply a little

    "A good trick to avoid putting the base there is too much to do your eye makeup first, then look in the mirror. You will often find that small imperfections in the skin are not so brutally obvious, and n" the foundation not will need all that we originally thought. In fact, the size is usually less is usually sufficient. Pump it in the back of his hand, then touch a point in the center of the forehead, one on each cheek and one on the chin. Mix the base points to the exterior with a soft brush for the application. (A sponge tends to absorb too much product, and the fingers do not mix and hair). "

    # 5 highlight the strategic

    "The camera captures more details of our eyes, so use marker all over your face, do not make you see angels, just fat and stored in a soft glow around the eyes. Pat a small amount of cream or liquid marker . along the temples, from the outer edge of his forehead and making a C shape that passes under the outer corner of eye to avoid a marker that is white or cream, fluid Giorgio Armani Pure No. 2 has a balance equal to the pink and yellow, so it works on all skin tones, including dark skin. And despite what you heard, do not drag along his brow bone to the Air terrible brightness images. Instead, apply a small amount of concealer here, it lightens the skin naturally. "

    # 6 For the eyes, soft feel

    "Concentrate on to define your lash line, brings attention to your eyes so sophisticated. Straight line on your upper lashes with black pencil, then draw the line with a shadow fleet. This puts the lining so you do not melt but the dark blue is not as hard to find in black. Sweep a dark golden brown and soft pink on your lids and finish with a waterproof mascara to extend (or volumizing lash-building formulas can see the cobwebs.) The first brush on top of your lashes, making them more pulpy, add a little curl, then brushing the stairs. "

    # 7 Use a blush and bronzer

    "First, the powder bronzer with little or no gloss over its temples, jaw line, hairline, cheekbones and under a little edge. Follow with a sweep of blush pink and gold along the cheeks instead of apples, which can be distracting. "Yves Saint Laurent Try bronzer Earth in Africa and the No. 10 Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush Beige.

    # 8 Select mauve or pink lipstick

    "Often women think when they go to be photographed, it is necessary on the lips. If you normally wear red lipstick, then it is good to stay with her, but normally if you prefer a lipstick, try a purple or pink in place. They are always in your comfort zone, but give the color a little more if the images are not washed out. "

    No. 9 Set your makeup

    "It 'a loose translucent powder that gives more light down to the finish of a model. Sprinkle a little' dust cap into the container, shake the powder brush to it, then remove the excess as well as almost all the residual dust brush . The dust is only planes of your face, do not work the corners as the corners of the nose, where you can build and look cakey. "

    # 10 Take a picture of you before you leave

    "The camera picks up things the human eye does, so you will be able to see better when you apply too much or too little makeup."

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