Natural Radiance During Ramadan

    During Ramadan, it is imperative that you maintain the freshness and beauty of natural leather. It 'also important that when you see someone new, you notice a person's face first. Clean and healthy skin so it is important to trust positive.

    Instead of spending large sums of money on the treatment of skin care or expensive drugs, your skin loses its luster. You must follow a daily routine a little bit during Ramadan, and after adopting the habits a good cleaning.

    Avoid junk food: according to the habits of cleanliness, if you stay away from foods that cause damage to your skin, your skin will glow. Do not eat chocolates, sweets French cuisine, pizza, because it causes pimples. During Ramadan, to avoid eating foods like samosaas, unloading emerging good skin.

    Exercise: It is necessary that during Ramadan, take some exercises such as walking, jogging, sports, etc. This habit of cleaning think you have to participate in all sports, drinking eight glasses of water as they add sparkle to the skin. Care for water will increase blood circulation.

    In Ramadan, drinking water before iftar and Saher, your skin is better in tone and texture and reduce stress levels significantly and you will be able to get what your mind is nourished by it.

    Exposure to sunlight: This used to purge, you can protect your skin from sun damage, skin cancer, aging and wrinkles by using a good quality sunscreen. For improved skin care during Ramadan, using a sunscreen with a quality SPF 15 or higher would be useful.

    Regular cleaning: To maintain natural skin, be sure to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize your skin every day. It is better then the aunt chose the right kind of solution for cleaning your skin type, if it is dry, oily or normal. In addition, the use of hot water during Ramadan, to clean and wash your face with warm water.

    This used to clean the states using an exfoliant, Ramadan can help you get rid of dead skin cells. Use a facial mask at least once a week would be an even better option that make your skin firm and smooth natural.

    Natural skin requires drying your skin with a soft towel. Thus, after the Iftar, when you sleep, you should use a moisturizer with or without sunscreen in it to protect your skin from drying out naturally.

    Follow these simple habits and regular cleaning will make the task of achieving natural skin is fairly easy.Source URL:
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