New York Fashion Tents Of The Documentary Film Will Be Launched In September 2011 Lincoln Center

    The fashion director, Marcus K. Jones chose the fashion week in Manhattan in September, coinciding with the exhibition of the fashion industry spring and summer fashion.

    Marcus K. Jones Fashion Film Maker

    New York, NY - Fashion Film, Mark is the industry refers to "one of the best kept secrets." His latest documentary, Tents, Marcus has earned another title: The Master of the Moving Image. "

    Marcus was executive producer of tents, which tells the story of New York Fashion Week. He decided to release his latest film is reduced fashion this year, at the same time, New York Fashion Week.

    In 1943, the first New York Fashion Week was held, but one primary purpose: to deflect attention away from French fashion during World War II, when workers in the fashion industry could not travel to Paris. This was an opportune moment - as a designer for centuries in America was thought to be dependent on France for inspiration.

    Fashion spokeswoman Eleanor Lambert, has organized an event called "Press Week" to present the American designers, fashion journalists, who were previously ignored their works. Week of the press has been a success, and as a result, magazines such as Vogue (which are usually full of French models), has begun to feature more and more American innovations.

    Until 1994, the sample is held in different places such as hotels, or lofts. Finally, after an accident in the structure in an exhibition of Michael Kors, the event moved to Bryant Park behind the New York Public Library, where he remained until 2010, when the show moved to Lincoln Center.
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