Paris, Fall 2011: Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel

    (PARIS) Yves Saint Laurent

    Mother-daughter duo of Jane Birkin and Lou Doillon has been at the forefront of support for Stefano Pilati for Yves Saint Laurent, the boy was missing daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg, who recently folded by a series of film commitments, but expect the arrival of her third child in June. All three women to know what the two of a kind of intense sensuality of Yves Saint Laurent smoking, which is captured perfectly last night Pilati. Designer in 1970, coupled with a sexy silk blouses classic two-tone tweed skirts, when the slightest hint of skin on his knees. Houndstooth Print blown up also had their moments, when the mode of paint combinations that lead to belt clothes and accents. Pilati presentation was complemented by a series of black evening dresses, including the final appearance Freja Beha Erichsen: a white jacket with black ostrich feathers bowed Obi belt. Caution range of shoes too, are incredibly beautiful!


    At 10 units can be very confusing for some guests. A handful of arriving on time, but most take for granted Show will begin 50 minutes late. Gossip Girl actress Clémence Poésy I was leaving out in the cold this morning when he crashed into the show for Chanel, as the music began. Fortunately for his place in the fifth line of thought was quickly spotted Usher, but he sat on his face in his hands, visibly embarrassed, as most of the show. Ralph Fiennes, Emma Roberts, Alexa Chung, Lily Allen and singers Duffy and Coeur de Pirate likely to have been warned in advance, Karl did not wait! Have caused the photographs were direct guests to the set of mass, which has two lengths of the Grand Palais. Karl Lagerfeld's vision in this period saw a long black pen on the waterfront on both sides of the stone, the smoke rising ominously from under the runway, as the large image burnt down a forest.

    When the show began, a large table was calculated, and the victim Lagerfeld was born: the appearance of an oversize, slightly adapted for mixing details such as black lace-up boots, clunky and a large sock / leg warmer . Models wore tweed coats and large, high-waisted tweed trousers, some draped in an elegant cuffs rolled up, details of party dresses to imitate the flames of the dress of silk organza at the neck, or leave the details of organza and beads knee black dress. At the end of the exhibition Lagerfeld revealed his source of inspiration for the fire in which he jumped all over ", I find the destruction seem to be very elegant."

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