World Fashion Week In New York 2011/2012 - World Fashion Awards

    World New York Fashion Week 2011/2012, a platform not only to celebrate the beauty and fashion, but with a mission to spread His glory and happiness to everyone, "the Fashion Week 2011/2012 New York World n is not just a promotion of fashion designers and models, but a mixture of different nations and cultures to promote peace, happiness and social development.

    The gala welcome the World Fashion Week will begin the 2011/2012 NYC New York City in the fall of 2011 at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, where representatives of the world will make you happy in a strange fashion sense, while presenting culture and art.

    World Fashion Week NYC 2011/2012 is not only a tantalizing fashion experience, but it is a vast network of commerce and fashion professionals to experience a whole new world of fashion and creativity, while by promoting international business of fashion and understanding.

    Each day of the 2011/2012 World Fashion Week NYC is loaded with fashionlicious festivities include fashion shows, fashion designers showcasing around the world into three main categories, Haute Couture, Ready to Wear . World Fashion Week NYC 2011/2012 will be a great way for participating countries to present their national brands to the global market.

    In addition, the World Fashion Week in New York 2011/2012, which is associated with the United Nations Development Programme, has incepted a fashionable instrument of poverty and to promote environmental and social responsibility in the fashion and textiles, while revolutionizing human development, education and social integration of fashion with one voice humanitarian 'development and peace. "

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