Master Youngblood In Smokey Eye

    Best expression of the eyes sensual, glamorous smoke more than a couple with a nude lip gloss, but this combination can often be a classic hard to master. The black shadow black can be very attractive, but if you do not know, your eyes can go pretty panda in seconds!

    To arm yourself with the right tools, Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics has launched two new products fantastic - the champagne on ice discovered Lipgloss (RRP $ 38.50) and jet black, soft butter Black Opal Pressed Eye (RRP $ 37.00).

    Like all of their eyes eyeshadows Youngblood Pressed Black Opal has a mineral talc-free formula that sweeps like silk and wears for hours. Mica gives a natural glow and drop the ultimate blend of capacity, while rice starch helps the shadow stick to your skin and wear longer.

    Candelila specially formulated wax protects the lips against moisture, and sunflower oil increased moisture and brilliant shine, plumping effect lipgloss Ice Champagne, of course, thanks to the presence of Portulaca pilosa extract, a natural protein that produces collagen and helps to hydrate , smooth, and to increase the number and strength of the lips.

    With the right products to reach the next step is to ensure that his technique is unsurpassed.

    Youngblood chief makeup artist Stacey Tsardoulias gave step by step guide to create two different styles, the sensual smoky eye and strong, defined winged eye. Follow these tips to ensure your dark eyes / pale lips look less Manson Monroe and more!

    Learn to improvise!

    Loved by Angelina Jolie and Dita Von Teese, here's how to get those peepers are winged perfection:

    First an eyebrow Wet / angled brush, using either water or a spritz of Youngblood Mineral Mist (RRP $ 48.40).

    2. To keep your eyeshadow in great shape, scrape some of it into a mixing paddle or simply a flat surface to mix.

    Let your third wet brush with eyeshadow.

    4. To create a thin line along the lashes with the tip of the brush and then use the angle brush to create a "wing" effect on the outer corner of the eyes.

    NOTE: The easiest way to make a neat line is to apply the right way against the lashes.

    5th Start small and build the line until you are satisfied with its thickness and length.

    6. Complete with lots of stretch Youngblood Blackout Mascara (RRP $ 48.50) and, of course, an ice Lipgloss Champagne generous.

    Get smokin!

    In just five easy steps, you will be on the way to the perfection of the smoky eye:

    1. Select the brow bone with a clear eye shadow as Youngblood Pressed in Halo (RRP $ 37.00).

    Using a second brush up / staining, pressure pressure Black Opal Eye in the upper lash line along the eye and as high as the crease.

    3rd Use a clean crease / smudge brush to soften the edges eyeshadow in the crease of the eye.

    4. Line upper lash line with black eyeliner.

    Fifth Apply a generous amount of Extension Mascara Youngblood Blackout on top and bottom lashes to finish the eyeSource URL:
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