Eye Makeup

    Step 1 - Define Eye

    1. Line the eye using the line Di Gel coating (with liner brush) or use the Powderliner pencil. Applied to the upper and lower eyelashes (d) as desired.

    Step 2 - enchance the contours and highlights

    1. Base Shadow: In the Shadow Brush, Pat in mid-toned eye shadow on the eyelid, mobile

    (A) lashline and crease. Soften the edges.

    2nd Highlight: Use the brush crease, apply a highlighting eyeshadow to the brow bone (s) and medial canthus (b).

    3. Contour Shadow: When you press the brush, apply an eye shadow for a deeper outer third eyelid folds (C), stirring as you go and build the color gradually. Use a shade of eyeliner. This helps to set and maintain the covering in place longer.

    Clean and fourth brush with alcohol Crease shadow cast on a fabric.

    Step 3 - Eyelashes

    1. Mascara: Use a mask disposable brush to apply mascara, if used by more than one person.

    2nd Sweep mascara (or Lush Lash Eye delicate / fine strands lenses / contact or luxury for long-lasting waterproof mascara ultra black eyelashes). Apply to bottom lashes first, then the top, taking care to coat lashes each.

    3rd Separate all droppings with Lash Comb.

    4th Apply 2 coats on top lashes, comb the lashes between coats.

    Notes Mascara

    * Apply the mascara on lower lashes first to avoid those small stains on the brow bone. The application of 2 coats on top lashes.

    * If you are very very fair, why not try a shade slightly lighter than black or get your eyelashes tinted, as it seems more natural.

    * If your hair is beautiful lashes, use a mascara thinner, with dense vegetation. Lush Lash Mascara is perfect for the tabs either sensitive eyes.

    Makeup techniques for eyes of different shapes

    Objectively look at your eyes in the mirror or picture. What will you achieve? The large eyes, bedroom eyes, eyes or attention grabbing innocent eyes? Look at the shape of your eyes.

    Pictures of different eye shapes and some suggestions for applying shadows. The main objective with the eye shadow is to identify and confirm the majority of makeup artists trying to make the eyes appear larger and more almond-shaped - ". And out of" Eye Liner classic: Think of Maria Callas, Audrey or Marilyn Hebpurn Munroe. Where would be without their trademark eye cover? Try Gel Liner Line, available in a wide range of shades. This is a classic easy to handle, and you'll also need a costume or a little black dress. Angle Liner Brush Hold like a pencil, and practice, practice, practice. All this is only one smooth sweep of a strong color that starts small and gets bigger the outside of the eye and ends a little suddenly. It can be any thickness of a fine brave. All the glamorous movie star to try adding false eyelashes. NOTE: It 's easier to create a smooth line, if the skin is smooth.

    If the eyes more flexible skin and fine lines, pull the skin taut arc upward from the front and to the outside. If you find a gel or a liquid a bit 'daunting, try Powderliner pencil, soft pencil, which is a highly pigmented, which has spots on the other end of the line of sheet metal tool steel, which tends to be more in the technique General flattering. Once all ships pencil, is a good idea of ​​the "set" in accordance with the dust of the shadow of the same hue. (If you use a Powderliner carbon, instead of Secret Eye Shadow, to grub up, insert or Shadow Oomph sultry, if you use Powderliner Boho Model Boat Shadow works very well).

    Classic form

    Eye works for most people. Just focus on the crease of the eye, out in the half-third of the eye and the use of a darker color where acceptuate showdows would be if the contour is more pronounced.

    It can serve to add depth, but is not recommended for eye shades, which are already sunk. For deep-set eyes for light colors and avoid too much attention on hightlighting design. Remember, the light is from the front, receeds dark. Here are some suggestions for a combination of eye shadows that operate in the classic contoured to the eye.Source URL: http://weddingspace.blogspot.com/2011/07/eye-makeup.html
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