Bridal Makeup Tips For South Asians And Arabs


    It is certainly all about eye when it comes to the composition of South Asia's girlfriend and Arabic. Eye shadow super bright colors, but in contrast are used to adjust the equipment of the bride. The key to the use of colors is to make sure that smoke and mixed to perfection.

    According to Angela, the use of eyeliner is very important. "It's something that defines the culture of beauty, in my opinion." They prefer gel liners because they are easier to apply and is water resistant. "They are great for lining the inside of the eye and remain for hours, unlike the pencil."

    This eye makeup again, be sure to use products that are completely waterproof and sure to keep your eyebrows in check.

    Such as eyes, lips can become bright red, orange and pink. Steer clear nothing is too yellowish Avoid looking washed out, and make sure that the chosen color goes well with the rest of your look.


    Mehndi, of course, is a very important part of the makeup of the bride. Traditionally it has been made entirely in the arms and legs, but nowadays, brides are usually a more subtle and try to keep modern customs.

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