Bridal Beauty: 20 Great Makeup Tips

    1 Sealed

    Choose a mascara that is waterproof, it lasts longer and withstands tears. If you do not really see or feel, use a regular coat of mascara, then follow up with a thin coat of waterproof mascara.

    2 In line

    Charcoal, navy, or mahogany are your best options for eyeliner. Black or brown may look too severe, especially if your wedding will take place during the day and / or outside.

    3 Light Up

    Use a white shadow as a highlighter on the forehead if you have fair skin, light or shade warmer fishing to suit most skin tones of vanilla.

    4 Give them a form

    Do contours your eyes, but avoid using colors that are too tight (it can harm your eyes themselves).

    5 Shade your corner

    Define brows with a pencil or shadow, which is responsible for hair color.

    6 Get the Red out

    Pop Eye drops if your eyes are red and tired, but stick to one brand that has used before to avoid surprises (irritation or worse!).

    7 Sweet Cheeks

    Do not forget your blush! A touch of color on the cheeks is like an instant facelift. From clearer skin, a pink tone will work, those with deeper skin tones can choose pink.

    8 Zap a Zit

    If you have a stain or small groups, just before your wedding, keep your hands away from your face - instead will heal more carefully if you leave him alone. In the case of a monstrous hit button, see your dermatologist and ask for a cortisone injection, which will close the gap.
    9 Blend, blend, blend
    Mix well everywhere, especially in the corners of your eyes as the cameras pick up lines visible makeup.

    10 Get a good view

    For your makeup, natural light is best. If possible, create a table near a window of application. If there is no natural light available, you can use a lamp SuperBright - halogen works best.

    11 Joining

    If you are going on at the hotel, have a high bar stool so you can be at eye level with the makeup artist. If you can not get the stool, just be yourself supporting pillows.

    12 Even outside

    Use bronzing powder on my chest and neck, if you want even skin tone - it makes the skin brighter and make sure that the face does not look too different from the body.

    13The dress watch

    No, however, use foundation on the neck - it can stain your dress.

    14 Carry Protection

    Use a moisturizer that contains SPF 30 or higher, especially if you're going to get married outside! You can get more sun than you think and you think Pinker in images.

    15 Encourage

    Choose a lip color that is a bit bright. Pale nude or brown lip hues can make you look washed out in pictures, especially since you will be dressed in white. If you normally wear a neutral color, take it as your base with a pink or pink on top. If you normally wear dark lipstick, use as a base and use a lighter is pink on top to give you a lift.

     16 Keep It With You

    Even if they do not mingle with a variety of colors for lips, applying makeup, be sure to have a great lipstick to carry around, and touch.

    17 Say hello to 'em Offline

    You can have the softest lips and lipstick perfect, but if your teeth are yellow, you will not want to flash a smile. There are plenty of safe, reliable over-the-counter teeth whitening systems, all whiten teeth with a pair of shades.

    18 Prepare the area
    Once you get your hair style, a small counter-vision - as a dressing table - it works better. Check that the chair has a low back, so that wedding guests have easy access to the head. And make sure that devices made nearby, such as hairdryers, irons and electric rollers. For an additional fee, insurance, bring a couple of extension cords.

    19 Turn on the heat

    If your marriage is early, or if time is of the essence, connect your rollers, curling or straightening iron before your stylist arrives to save time.

    20 Update Tresses

    Leader of a local spa and enjoy a professional scalp massage (which not only smells good, but stimulates the hair follicles and adds body) and the deep conditioning treatment the week before his wedding.

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