What I See In The Mirror: Laurie Anderson

    I try not to look in the mirror. When I do it is to see if I paint on my face - I'm an artist. It seems hippie, but my goal is to be open and optimistic and look nice. I am very pessimistic about the political world I try to be optimistic on a personal level.

    On the cover of my album, I'm brand Chaplin mustache, eyebrows and slapped a bad makeup job. I'm getting tired of hearing my voice and opinions, so I like playing around with alter ego to see if I can come up with other ways of seeing the world.

    Last week, I decided I would never cut my hair again. A few years ago, my hair was very long, but someone said, "Let me cut it." After that, I fell short because it was easy, but I always cut myself and I do such a bad job. I usually do when I talk on the phone. If you cut your hair when you have a phone between shoulder and ear, you'll get a few bald.

    I'm 63 now. I miss being as strong as I used to be - I can not ski all day, but I take long walks and go to the gym every day for an hour. I like.

    I am always happier if I do not care how I look. Self-awareness must reflect. Frankly, people do not care what it seems - until they stink.

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