Bridal Beauty Treatment

    Dr. Lee Mei Yap, a dermatologist at the Dermatology Institute of Victoria ( explains why many of the bride (and mother-of-the-bride) tries to "botulinum toxin" to facilitate the lines Pre-wedding frown.

    What it does: Reduces the appearance of wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles.

    Think about it, if you are concerned, between the eyebrows, forehead or nose size.

    Fine print: The decision must be carefully examined and supervised by a reputable and experienced injector.

    Time: Do this at least a month of your wedding, especially if it's your first time.

    Price: Varies from practice to practice.


    Perfect skin is high on the priority list of the bride. Dr Yap explains how to achieve a shade of light through the IPL.

    What it does: IPL stands for intense pulsed light, and is a noninvasive treatment using high intensity pulses of visible light to enhance the appearance of certain skin diseases.

    Consider if: you are bothered by age spots, sun spots, freckles, pigmentation, throat and chest from sun damage.

    Fine Print: IPL is not effective in the treatment of severe facial flushing than other vascular laser selective.

    Time: Check with your doctor, but it is always better to give enough time to avoid adverse reactions.

    Price: Prices vary depending on the number of treatments required.

    Facial Infusion

    Anthony McMahon, CEO of Intraceuticals why is Madonna's favorite face a bride should do.

    What this means: "therapeutic grade oxygen, hyaluronic acid serum and specialized assets are combined to provide an infusion process of the face lifts and skin plump."

    Think about it, if you want something more efficient and less invasive than face the procedure.

    Fine Print: There are four types of teas: rejuvenation and hydration, for Opulence brightening, Atoxelene for fine lines, and clarity of the defects.

    Timing: You can either take a six-week course with weekly infusions or have a single day before the infusion.

    Price: from $ 120 and is available only in salons nationwide.

    Teeth Whitening

    Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Yvonne King of Dr. Yvonne King & Associates Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry Centre ( describes what to expect from teeth whitening.

    What it does: Tooth whitening teeth relieves a relatively simple and non-invasive, comfortable procedure.

    Think about it, though: The teeth are discolored, and it bothers you.

    Small print: There are several ways to achieve whiter teeth, and it is important to talk to your dentist for your needs. Most brides prefer to whiten teeth, bonding of composite resin or porcelain veneers, but the mouth should be healthy and functional all the cosmetic work to last.

    Timing: The best thing would be to work with your dentist before the event month.

    Price: Teeth whitening can cost $ 550 to $ 1200.

    Lash Extensions

    Founder loves them Lashes Debra Sloane takes us through the benefits of application of false eyelashes.

    What it does: "Lash extensions provide a better, is no longer a natural extension of our daily eyelashes are popular with brides, as they appear in a photo and the last on their honeymoon (two weeks) .."

    Note that "You do not want to deal with false eyelashes in the future provisional data on the day of the wedding or if you have short eyelashes."

    Fine Print. "Lash extensions ranging from acrylic and silk, mink Siberian various degrees of thickness and curl are low maintenance, which will require a brush once a day."

    Timing: Complete takes hours to apply and it is better to apply a couple of days before the wedding.

    Price: From $ 180.

    As with any treatment, consult a practitioner of an established practice that can guide you in areas of timing and anticipation

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