Beauty: Illuminators

    The bulbs are a good idea in theory, difficult in practice. They pearlescent creams, lotions and powders are designed to mimic the natural luster of the young, glowing skin. But if you have technique down, that can make you look shiny and unnatural, like 11-year-old, who is famous for its auto and cross-adhesive part of Claire's Accessories.

    For those over the age of consent, choice of color and moderation are key. Dab foundation beyond the dust, only if the light would naturally hit the smooth skin - forehead, cheeks, and collarbones, touch your forehead. Use the middle finger or a foundation brush to keep it moving, if it is not wanted.

    Alternatively, the smooth lumps under the lamp according to the overall brightness of your skin looking dull. Will do wonders for the gray, hung-over color. Choose gold, bronze, peach, or a pearly white, depending on the darkness of the natural skin tone. Pink, purple and pink are less subtle - is gorgeous cheekbones and collarbones, but with a little 'Barbarella elsewhere.

    Projectors can be brutal on dry skin, which causes scaly patches appear much worse than first exfoliate the skin with a warm towel or a brush, and follow with a hydrating moisturizer. Here are my top six.

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